Workers Struggling to Make A Living in China Nowadays

Dictation/Translation: Lexixi |PR: CharlesS|Comment: Pang Ding|Translation: PollyEsther|PR: Xiaoxiaomei

Asking for wages and appealing to higher authorities are the characteristics of everyday life in CCP (Chinese Communist Party)’s China. In order to maintain so-called political performance and to glorify the appearance of China as a “powerful nation”, local governments of all levels never penalize employers who don’t pay salary but instead treat employees asking for wages violently. Therefore, average people have to adopt various extreme measures to survive and to take back what they deserve for their labor. When the firefighters rushed to the roof terrace, I believe they were in utter shock. Life is so beautiful, who doesn’t treasure their own life? Yet when I face the fact that my entire family might starve to death (due to unpaid salary), my life is no longer worth keeping. After all, what is the point of keeping my life if my family is gone?

Since the CCP seized political power illegally, it has provided financial aids of huge amounts to lots of countries in various names. Nevertheless, average civilians under the control of the CCP lead an extremely miserable life. No legal protection or pension system. Working hard their whole life but their pay is not protected? What can they do, other than making a statement with their lives? I was thinking, if one day, under the CCP’s system, public security officers or firefighters would have to sit there on the roof too, using their lives to protect their benefits and rights? After all, the CCP’s system is like a meat grinder; everybody is in danger and could be grinded at any time.

Today I’m here to save you. Tomorrow when I’m in trouble, who is there to save me?

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19 days ago

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