Katyusha News Reference – Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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I.The New Federal State of China News

1.Recently, the Communist Party of China has continued to quibble about the “crimes against humanity” and “genocide crimes” committed in Xinjiang. On Monday, local officials in Xinjiang, said they intended to organize local visits to Biden government officials under the auspices of the Communist Party to prove that there was no genocide in the region.

2.The Chinese Foreign Office on Monday lodges a formal complaint to Canada over a diplomat T-shirt’s logo that appeared to be linked to the CCP virus and the city of Wuhan. The Canadian government seems to have poked the Chinese Communist Party where it hurts

3.On Sunday, the Chinese Communist Party of China Shandong Xinchao Energy Corp.announced its decision to buy oil and gas production assets from the Texas Grenadier Energy Company for $420 million. Shandong Xinchao hides under the name of Surge Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States, which is the usual method used by the Communist Party of China to infiltrate American enterprises.

4.The COVID-19 epidemic outbreak has severely disrupted the aviation industry. According to the 2020 annual performance forecasts released by six airlines of China, including Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Holdings, Spring Airlines, and Juneyao Air, show that the total estimated loss in 2020 will reach RMB 90.1 billion to RMB 104.9 billion. Industry insiders said that the air transport industry is still not optimistic in the first quarter against the backdrop of the Chinese New Year 2021 “New Year in place”.

5.The Hong Kong government reports on Tuesday that since the promulgation of the Hong Kong National Security Law on June 30 last year, the Hong Kong police have arrested 97 people under the National Security Law implemented by the Chinese Communist Party authorities, eight of whom have been indicted. The Commissioner of Police of the Hong Kong government, Tang Ping-Keung, declares that the law will help restore order. In addition, as of the end of December 2020, a total of 10,200 people are arrested, of which 40% reported to be students, nearly 2,450 were prosecuted, more than 940 completed judicial proceedings, and more than 190 are imprisoned.

6.Reuters quotes five familiar sources on Tuesday as saying that suspected hackers fromCommunist China invaded the computer system of the U.S. government last year, taking advantage of a defect in SolarWinds Corp’s software. The National Finance Center, a federal payroll processing agency within the US Department of Agriculture, is one of the affected organizations.

7.The U.S. Department of Defense will provide $30 million to the Lynas Corp. of Australia to build a rare earth processing plant in Texas to reduce its reliance on Chinese rare earths 

8.The Chinese company i-Space failed in its second attempt to launch a rocket into orbit. The private commercial vehicle Hyperbola-1 took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, but “flew abnormally” from according to the state agency Xinhua. The specific reasons for the failure are being analyzed and investigated.

In recent years, the Communist Party of China has had many space accidents, which have attracted great attention from the outside world.

9.Researchers at Columbus, Ohio’s National Children’s Hospital, Chinese couple Chen Li and Zhou Yu, are sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a district court on Monday for stealing trade secrets for the Chinese Communist Party. Zhou Yu is awaiting the sentence. Chen Li engages in a number of overseas talent programs of the Communist Party government, which is one of the methods used by the Communist authority to acquire foreign research expertise and technology illegally.

10.According to the data of the National Supervision Commission of the Chinese Communist Party, in 2020 a total of 5,836 “top leaders” at the county level and above are investigated.Anti-corruption is a tool of the Communist Party of China to eliminate political opponents. Recently, Xi Jinping has launched an anti-corruption campaign in the Political and Legal Committee.

11.On the evening of February 1, China Fortune Land Development Co. Ltd issues a debt default announcement, revealing that its debts and its subsidiaries are overdue, involving a total principal and interest of 5.255 billion yuan. As of January 31, 2021, the balance of the company’s available monetary funds was only 800 million yuan, which could not pay off the liabilities of financial institutions. CFLD once ranked among the top 10 real estate companies in sales performance in China.

12.On Monday, the Hong Kong government announces that some street buildings on Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom, Yau Ma Tei Streets in Kowloon, and Yuen Long in the New Territories will be designated as “restricted areas” to carry out CCP virus screening. According to the information disclosed by Mr. Miles Guo, the virus examination of the Hong Kong government not only carry out insulting “anus examination”, but also to extract DNA information from Hong Kong people and performs national security inspection.

13.At a press conference held on January 18, the National Bureau of Statistics of the Communist Party of China postpones the release of birth population data in 2020. However, some local governments released birth statistics that their national birth population is declining, and in some places, it has plummeted by 32% compared with the same period in 2019. The dramatic population decline will soon expose the Communist Party to an economic and aging crisis.

II. World News

1.The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee is expected to vote on Wednesday on the appointment of President Biden’s nominee for Commerce Secretary Raimondo. Michael McCaul, the Republican leader of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and 20 members of the House ask the Senate to suspend confirmation of appointments until the Biden administration clarifies its export control policy. Previously, she refused to elaborate on whether Huawei would be retained on the list of entities of the Department of Commerce.

2.Russia may also consider resuming its accession if the U.S. cancels its decision to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday. The treaty allows States parties to carry out surveillance flights on military facilities.

3.Amazon announces on February 2 that Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon’s cloud computing service platform, will take over the CEO position of Jeff Bezos, the founder of the company, in the third quarter of this year, and Bezos will transition to the executive chairman of Amazon’s board of directors. Jassy is the decision-maker who cuts off Parler’s network services during this year’s election.

4.The Biden administration announced on February 2 that the overthrow of the civilian government led by President Win Myint and State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi by the Myanmar military is constituted a military coup d’etat. The Biden administration’s decision limits U.S. economic aid to Myanmar.

5.William Brent Christensen, director of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), says in an interview that Taiwan shall “play a key role”in maintaining the interest of American students in learning Chinese as a result of the closure of Confucius Institutes and should use this opportunity to promote culture and democracy.

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