Katyusha News Reference – Saturday , January 30, 2021

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Eddy

I.The New Federal State of China News

1.This Saturday, the WHO virus investigation team spent a lot of time visiting the “Wuhan Anti-Epidemic Achievement Exhibition”, which aims to highlight the “glorious” leadership role of the Chinese Communist Party. Meanwhile, the entire world is suffering from the virus and eagerly awaiting the truth. The Chinese Communist Party has been claiming that the traceability of the epidemic is a scientific issue and should not be politicized.

2.The British BNO program will officially accept applications this Sunday. Yesterday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry suddenly announced that it would no longer recognize the BNO passport as a travel document and proof of identity. At 8:25 pm on the same day, the Hong Kong government said it would fully cooperate with the country’s countermeasures. In response to the above statement, the Prime Minister’s Office in Downing Street once again stated that the UK will not ignore Hong Kong people who hold BNO passports and plan to live, work or study in the UK, adding that Hong Kong people with BNO status and their families can use other documents other than BNO to enter the UK.

3.The U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Jan. 29 that the Communist Party of China had just purchased 2.108 million tons of corn, the largest purchase to date from the U.S., to meet a surge in its demand for animal feed. It was the second-largest single-day sale on record, behind only the 3.72 million tons sold in January 1991 to the former Soviet Union, which collapsed when Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev resigned on Dec. 25, 1991.

4.Reuters reported exclusively on Saturday that there is close cooperation between the world’s largest biotechnology BGI and PLA, with joint research in a variety of areas including a large-scale test of respiratory pathogens and human brain science. This comes after senior U.S. security officials warned U.S. laboratories that BGI was collecting data on genetic defects in foreigners to support the biological weapons research in PLA.

5.The CCP virus outbreak in Shanghai has claimed no new cases for several days since it was first officially announced on January 21, but the residents in Shanghai have reported that officials are suspected of hiding the real data. Recently, the media even discovered that Shanghai is secretly building Fangcang hospital (sealed cabin) to cope with the growing number of patients infected with the CCP virus.

6.On January 29, the U.S. military admitted to discovering a simulated attack by PLA on the aircraft carrier USS Roosevelt. A U.S. defense official said the CCP aircraft did not come within 250 miles of the U.S. Navy ship, which is beyond the range of the Eagle-12 anti-ship missiles carried by the Boom-6K bombers. The official also said that a simulated attack occurred at the time.

7.On January 29, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a video conference on the coordinated use of abandoned land to promote the development of food and agricultural production. The meeting stressed that “conscientiously implement the central government on resolutely stopping the “non-agriculture” of arable land, to prevent the “non-food” deployment of arable land, the implementation of food security governor responsibility system, strengthen guidance and services, strengthen policy support. The Chinese Communist authorities’ hasty efforts to replant abandoned land will not solve the serious food shortage problem.

8.Another serious water pollution accident in China. The upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the Jialing River, and its two tributaries, the Dongdu River and the Qingni River, were found to have abnormal concentrations of thallium in the water, with the water turning blood-red, and at one point even exceeding the standard by 1.7 times in the border areas of Gansu and Shaanxi. The Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment acknowledged the incident on Thursday. “Thallium can cause acute poisoning if it accumulates in the human body, and is a strong neurotoxin.

9.The real estate industry in China is continuing to be hit by the epidemic. The real estate industry data cited by mainland media on January 28 showed that 27 listed real estate companies among the top 50 real estate companies disclosed the size of their workforce in mid-2020, of which 12 listed real estate companies saw a decrease in their workforce size compared to the end of 2019, with most companies laying off 30% of their staff.

II.World News

1.Britain will submit its application to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) next Monday, British Trade Minister Liz Truss said on Wednesday. After Brexit, Britain chose the Asia-Pacific as the entry point for the new trade deal, and President Biden is positive about the U.S. joining the agreement.

2.The Indian Ministry of Finance’s “Economic Survey 2020-2021” report, submitted to the parliament on Jan. 29, shows that the Indian military has urgently procured $2.5 billion in equipment in response to the India-China border conflict or the possibility of a major political change in the Chinese Communist Party.

3.A January announcement by Facebook’s oversight board showed that it was reflecting on its previous actions to block information about hydroxychloroquine treatments. The announcement showed that French users had previously called for the use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to treat the Chinese Communist virus, but the messages were removed by Facebook.

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