How to Get Singapore Under Control In Steps by The CCP

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Translated from the livestream of Miles Guo on 4th February 2021

I talked a little lit about Singapore yesterday. Plenty of people in the audience from Singapore ask me what would happen in their country and what they can do.

Probably I am the first one in the world to declare that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is working on having Singapore in control.

In this aspect I am not willing to be the first one. It brings me nothing, neither money nor honor. But the key point here is that the insaneness of the CCP is beyond the imagination of most people. This is what I am concerned about.

Since three or four years we have been keeping on telling people that the CCP is in process of its 3F-Plan (Fall-Fail-Fell) against the US as well as their BGY-Strategy (B: Blue, control of the internet; G: Gold, buy influence with money; Y: Yellow, seduce key people with sex ). Nobody believes it. Now we see what is happening, what American people are facing. Everyone is scared.

Regarding my words yesterday about Singapore, numerous American friends come to me, asking for details. They say they have heard something about it but do not think it is credible. One of them is a close friend of Lee Hsien Loong for a long time. Lee tells him that he is aware of the inter crisis but does not recognize a threat from the CCP at all.

In my opinion Lee Hsien Loong is not at the some level in politics as his father. Lee Kuan Yew did remind his family and his nation many times about the CCP’s evilness when he was alive. However, there is a huge gap in the political wisdom between Lee Hsien Loong and his father. This is why I think it is going to be a big problem.

As we know, container shipping business is the most important income source for nearly all the harbours of Singapore, which is currently in strong competition against those in China. In early years Singapore was almost in a monopoly position. This has been changed since a few years. In the vicinity of Shanghai several large harbours have been developed as well as in Hong Kong and some other cities. All the container shipping businesses of Li Ka-shing (the richest man in Hong Kong for 21 years) are factually owned by the Family of  Jiang Zemin and the other political families from Shanghai.

If 60% to 80% of their container business in Asian harbours is lost, the economy of Singapore is essentially over. In this situation, we all know that Singapore has no solutions. Its economy depends drastically on the CCP, on the exploited and kidnapped Chinese people.

The steps to control Singapore have been in process since 2006, as Xi Jinping started his political career in Beijing. It has been continuously developed by the Xi-Wang regime (Chairman Xi Jinping and Vice-Chairman Wang Qishan), planning, competing, impacting, and finally controlling.

The CCP’s 13579-Plan hasn’t been correctly interpreted by all of you. In future I will tell you my interpretation. A part of the 13579-plan is to control southeastern Asia including Singapore.

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