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South China Morning Post: 10 billion dollars misappropriated by HNA Group

Three major subsidiaries of HNA revealed shareholders misappropriated almost 10 billion dollars, which with no doubt is against criminal laws. Miles Guo exposed as early as 2017 that it was just for the purpose of emptying HNA of its fund that they got it listed in the stock market. And the money was misappropriated as securities trading levers or overseas investment in dollars. Considering South China Morning Post has been acquired by Jack Ma and thus controlled by Jiang Zemin’s sectarian, they, by reprinting the news from Reuters, sent a clear message that they will interfere and wait to clean up the battlefield.

Bloody political infighting is to begin with misappropriated money by HNA shareholders as an excuse.

None of those who got involved in the misappropriation, such as Wu Xiaohui and Lai Xiaomin, will get away with it. They will be either arrested or sentenced to death; even Chen Feng and Wang Qishan can not escape. Due to tons of similar misappropriation, HNA, with its over 500 subsidiaries, will be bankrupt and reorganized and many will probably get arrested. Such is the infighting of CCP. It is a heavy blow on Wang Qishan taken by Xi.

Without contracts, banks will refuse to transfer big money for any ordinary man. So we can know that so arbitrary was Wang Qishan in the finance sector that he could misappropriate as much as 10 billion dollars. It is of such a serious nature that investors’ money was misappropriated by shareholders even without a notice or receipt. This incident may end up with many losing their life. The point worth observing is how deep this political infighting can develop and at which level it will stop. Anyone who gets involved in fund misappropriation is in Politburo or with even higher ranks.

CCP Foreign Ministry changed its tune: WHO came to China “not to investigate”.

Zhao Lijian spoke to reporters in a daily briefing that WHO came to China not to investigate, but as part of global research, while WHO tweeted some time ago that they were coming to China to investigate the pandemic origin. It can not be covered up any more that they did nothing while in China but admire CCP’s achievement in fighting the pandemic; that’s why they changed their tune claiming it was just a “academic exchange”. Their so-called “investigation” was nothing but a recreational holiday.

WHO’s team leader is Peter Daszak, who has been cooperating with Shi Zhengli for more than 10 years. Why does CCP surely watch Lude Media? It is because Shi Zhenli mentioned Dr. Yan Limeng in a meeting (with them). And Daszak has been on pins and needles since last Oct. when Dr. Yan released the two reports. One photo he posted on Twitter contains Maotai, divine Chinese liquor that CCP uses as a regular tool to corrupt and buy over men.

Dr. Steven Quay elaborated again the evidence that SARS-CoV-2 Came from a Laboratory

Dr. Steven Quay explained, in Bannon’s War Room, that SARS-CoV-2 has many signatures of laboratory manipulation and functional enhancement experiments. SARS-CoV-2 and adenovirus vaccine sequences co-existed in the early patients, which indicates that CCP started researching SARS-CoV-2 as early as Dec. 2019, and he hopes to get an explanation from CCP.

CCP was ready to fool the world by papers which were cooked in advance and a fake report that a Coronavirus found in Cambodia is 92.6% similar to  SARS-CoV-2 to prove the papers, but found Dr. Quay’s statistics would break their lie. That is why they had no choice but to change “investigation” into “academic exchange and cooperation”.

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