Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.02.01 – NewYork Time

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Journal Nature Blocked Dr. Yan’s Tweeter Account

Dr. Yan tweeted that journal Nature, as one of the most authoritative and prestigious academic journals in the world, blocked her tweeter account, causing a lot of questioning on them.

Well this is just an epitome, and the Nature had published a lot of fake papers on the virus earlier. As the whistleblower movement keeps on telling the world about the truth of the virus, the CCP has always been trying to cover up the truth, with many scientist and medias standing and speaking for them.

Blinken Stated that the CCP is the Biggest Threat to the United States

Blinken said the CCP poses the greatest challenge to the United States and he is willing to provide a haven for the repressed people of Hong Kong. But he went on to say that the Sino-US relationship is complicated, and now it is still necessary to cooperate, which means the new government would make some show to make people feel they are tough against the CCP, whereas their genuine choice would be appeasement policy.

On tariff issue, he said it is needed to assess the harm caused by the tariffs which means they are trying to cancel it, and on virus issue, he didn’t talk about source tracing, and his words were that if there would be a pandemic once again, the CCP should handle transparently and take responsibilities, which means as for the pandemic this time, the CCP is forgiven.

S. Appeasement Policy will Make the CCP more Crazy

Bill Gertz posted an article saying that the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command warned that there might be a nuclear war with China or Russia and the CCP might be even more crazy if Biden administration chooses appeasement policy. Well the CCP has invaded Hong Kong and launched bioweapon to the whole world and so many unbelievable things, and firing a nuclear bomb is certainly something that they might do. So we don’t wish the American government to choose the appeasement policy as Blinken indicated, because it could not solve the problem at all.

The CCP will definitely end. If they are still trying to make deals with the CCP now, it will be a laughing matter when we look back at today in ten or twenty years.

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