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Biden’s First China Policy Speech, “Both Competitive and Cooperative” on U.S.-China Relations

In a foreign policy speech at the State Department on Feb. 4, Biden said China is America’s toughest competitor, but that Washington is willing to work with Beijing under conditions that are consistent with U.S. interests. The Biden administration’s notion that the Country of CCP is America’s most serious competitor is an unprecedented statement that has made the Chinese Communist Party apprehensive. And the attitude toward the Country of CCP is not set in stone and could change at any time in the future. National Security Adviser Sullivan said at a White House press conference that the United States’ top priority is to address the trade vices of the Country of CCP that have harmed American jobs and American workers’ interests. Sullivan’s statement suggests a continuation of Trump’s policy.

Pompeo Interviewed by Fox News Maria on Biden Speech

Pompeo said that the American people have recognized the evil of the CCP and that the U.S. government needs to focus on it. The United States should fulfill its legal commitment to protect Taiwan and must not allow Taiwan to become Hong Kong. The CCP’s genocide is an atrocity not seen since the Nazis, a conclusion shared by the current administration and recognized by a growing number of countries.These remarks are Pompeo’s way of hammering Biden so that he will not dare to deviate from the general direction of global communist extermination.

Chinese Foreign Ministry accuses BBC of publishing fake news about genocide

The British BBC reported that the CCP is practicing genocide in Xinjiang, and British government minister Adams condemned the evil acts of the CCP in Parliament. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CCP denies the accusation and accuses the BBC of publishing a fake report. The CCP’s infiltration of the BBC is no worse than the infiltration of CNN and the New York Times, and the incident shows that the UK, which is heavily infiltrated by the CCP, is starting to clash with the CCP head-on with the BBC acting as the front line. Meanwhile, Ofcom issued a statement on Thursday that it had decided to cancel CGTN’s broadcasting license in the U.K. after a previous investigation found that the final editor of China Global Television Network (CGTN) was the CCP. The CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs then made a solemn representation to the head of the BBC’s Beijing bureau over the BBC’s broadcast of fake news about the epidemic on January 29, demanding a public apology and threatening to reserve the right to take further action.

CCP and British media camps go to war

The BBC’s coverage of the genocide committed by the CCP is significant and shows that the media is decoupling from the CCP. When Trump was in office it was a feast for the media. Previously, in order to be anti-Trump, the media would not report on the CCP’s crimes even if they had them in hand, Trump drew fire for the CCP and the CCP’s evil deeds went unnoticed. After Trump left office, politicians played political correctness lost new ideas, the media lost hype hotspots, both political and media circles gradually like dead water micro waves. the BBC and CNN and other media ratings plummeted, the decline in traffic means a decline in revenue. The history of mankind shows that behind the calm there is energy, which means something big will happen. The media on the left are also competing with each other to find the hot news. The BBC jumped out and the CCP is in big trouble, the CCP is gradually exposed to the spotlight and the world’s eyes will eventually focus on the CCP genocide and crimes against humanity.

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