[Opinion]The Great Reset Means Modern Slavery—A Plot by Communists and Globalists

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During a recent interview with Mr. Stephen K. Bannon, Archbishop Viganò mentioned a fight between children of darkness and children of light.1 He condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for being complicit in promoting the Great Reset plan. Meanwhile, globalists and their media allies dismissed this plan as a conspiracy theory. Recently, the Australian Prime Minister publicly denounced the Great Reset, completely rejecting it.

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Drawing on the failure of the Soviet Union in dealing with the West, the Chinese Communist Party has shifted its tactics from overt confrontation to covert infiltration. Using its 1.4 billion population as the bait to obtain the WTO membership, the CCP has been enticing numerous investors to help with its development.

Even though claimed in its Constitution, China is not run by its people, but actually controlled by several CCP families who are the real beneficiaries of astronomical profits poured into China from the West. Simultaneously, they have been allocating partial benefits to the infiltrated western elites, institutions, and organizations. The CCP’s infiltration covers various realms in the West, including politics, education, technology, judiciary, entertainment, sports, intelligentsia, religion, and media via collaboration, buyout, and bribery. Among them, the CCP views media as the most useful weapon that could mentally penetrate other countries, so nearly all global big media outlets became its underlings after long-term infiltration operations 2. Gradually, a global alliance of elites from all walks of life has been forged, hence the term globalism.

The CCP has constructed an internet firewall with the western technologies to control the communication between the Chinese people and the rest of the world, and vice versa 3. With the demarcation of the wall, few people outside are acquainted with the Chinese people’s slave-like lives, such as religious persecution, free speech suppression, control of lifestyle and thoughts, lack of universal suffrage, birth control in previous decades and forced birth nowadays. Meantime, the Chinese people have been fed by the CCP’s deceitful information all along. It is very convenient for this regime to cast a worldwide illusion to propagandize its merits and advantages through globalist news outlets. The whole operation is nothing less than a replicate of the movie, The Truman Show. To fully attain its worldwide hegemony, the CCP has now worked with alliances to extend its modern slavery to the globe via the three key pillars of the Great Reset plan: technologies, virus, and climatic change. The CCP has deliberately chosen these stratagems because of the following reasons: ordinary people tend to seek out experts’ opinions since they lack specialized disciplinary knowledge; further, it is difficult to verify such issues, which leaves considerable rooms for manipulation; the alliance has prepared for the Great Reset in advance by inducting elites from all fields to work for, advocate for, defend, and even fight for their cause.

The virus, Covid-19, is an outstanding example of such efforts. All public information about the virus comes only from international organizations and mainstream media outlets. They are all affiliated with the alliance and under the baton of the CCP to conceal the low-cost HCQ prophylactic treatment and the CCP’s military lab-derivative virus origins. Even though there are tiny dissenting voices to expose the truth online, Dr. Li-Meng Yan in particular, such views have been blocked by the big techs who are the vanguards of the alliance. To say the least, notwithstanding some people’s awareness of these voices, they do not know whom to believe, which answers are correct, as well as how to verify these accounts. Naturally, the public tends to hear from the mainstream media because they have dominated the publicity.

As the pandemic keeps going on, the Chinese “lockdown model” has been introduced to the world by the alliance, and people do not even stand any chances to resist it due to quarantine orders. With repeated extensions of quarantine orders, the general population has suffered from negative psychological issues, such as depression, violence, suicide, fear, and hatred. Accordingly, the pandemic has taken its toll on the global society, economy, and security, thus offering a perfect opportunity to debut the vaccines.

Covid-19 vaccines have been the speediest medical research in human history and have been launched into production without carefully examining the complete developing cycles. Until now, no one could precisely answer if the vaccines are effective, safe, and reliable, nor for their life-long efficacy, if the vaccines have any side effects, and if these side effects are fatal. No mainstream voices are talking about the antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) effect. Yet, according to Dr. Li-Meng Yan 4, ADE is a substantial hurdle for vaccines and could cause severe consequences if the ADE effect is ignored. After imbuing the public only with positive information, some countries are firmly marketing vaccines despite some inconspicuous news of side effects, low efficacy, and death.

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All these signified anomalies and go against the conscientiousness of science that should have gone through rigorous discussions to find solutions to contain the virus. Only by investigating the CCP’s P4 laboratory can the world have a chance to find effective vaccines and mitigate the pandemic. Nowadays, the vaccines appear to be lucrative businesses, rather than solutions. 

 Since the pandemic, China has developed a mobile application, called “health code,” to track its residents and quarantine any suspicious carriers forcibly if necessary, at their own cost at designated locations. In the wake of the Covid-19 tracking Apps from Apple and Google, digital Covid-19 vaccination passports are under development by Microsoft, Oracle, and other tech giants 5. If these digital APPs are promoted, people will lose their privacy and could be treated differently over the vaccination status, just like in the movie Gattaca.  The virus could be a well-wrought and delicately interlinked bioweapon that originates from a lab, creates the need for vaccines, and aims to alter people’s daily lives.6

As for climate change, the enthralling concept of the green earth, it is a yoke for developed countries imposed by the Paris Agreement which has little constraint for the CCP despite its grand promises.7 To honor the Paris Agreement, the Chinese communist regime, a dictatorship, can easily repress civilian supply to ensure the development of its military, state-run and party-run enterprises. However, democratic countries could never operate in the same way. If following the CCP’s advice, other countries would hurt their social economy and daily living, which means, this is a scheme to slow the world economy, China being spared, and abuse the technologies that globalist elites developed.

Additionally, the carbon emission regulations could be abused when Section 230, despite the original intention of protecting online platforms from vicious publishing, turns out to be a free speech suppression tool. The beautiful and clean Earth embedded in our mind will never emerge under the CCP’s tyranny, a criminal organization that commits genocide and anti-humanity atrocities 8.

Along the same lines, technologies have permeated into everything. In modern society, the public relies on the media, rather than themselves, to obtain the majority of information. However, under the maneuver of media outlets affiliated with the alliance, only plotted messages have disseminated, and meanwhile, different voices are continuously suppressed by big techs. Recently, the adamant anti-CCP Australian government has received Google’s threat of withdrawing its search engine from Australia. Dominion Voting Systems is another notorious case of technology misuse. All this media deceit and suppression reminds people of the movie, The Running Man, showing the power of technological control. Furthermore, the CCP has its eyes on Taiwan’s chip producing industry, a key component of modern technology. 

To this day, the ongoing Great Reset has partially or totally altered the course of people’s lives as planned. Ultimately, average people will become data-generating gadgets for big data, allowing those elites to better control in the future, just as the human batteries depicted in the movie The Matrix. Ordinary men may become slaves immersed in joyful illusions. The Great Reset is an unrestricted warfare that incorporates media and technology, a bioweapon that engulfs the Earth in a much darker epoch than the medieval period. The sole purpose of the Great Reset is to re-engineer world order to benefit communists and the elites at the expense of ordinary people.

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