For A Negative Review the Customer Was Threatened with Death

Author: Xiaoyanshuo
Translator: Yexing

“Take back your negative review! If you do not manage it in three minutes, I am to kill you. ” A delivery worker shouted out.

This happened on 16th January 2021 in Shanghai. Ms. Zhang ordered her meal via the Eleme app (the most popular online dining-ordering platform in China). While she was on the phone, the delivery worker could not reach her under the given phone number. The order was later shown online as “delivered”. Ms. Zhang called to inquiry about the delivery progress. The delivery worker responded, “I have tried but failed. The meal will be kept here and delivered tomorrow.” Thus she gave a negative review of “bad service”.

The second noon the delivery worker banged on the door and yelled at Ms. Zhang. “You pay me back now 200 Yuan for your negative review. Otherwise, you are to be killed.” Before the police came, she had to transfer him the money online.

To the Eleme Company Ms. Zhang has sent a complaint. They offered her a voucher of 100 Yuan as compensation. Nothing occurs since then.

From the police notification Ms. Zhang knows that the delivery worker has been held in custody for 10 days. Worrying that the delivery worker could come to her again, she is working on moving out of the current residence.

As the event is exposed, the Eleme Company calls Ms. Zhang three times, offering her 200 Yuan in cash. She refused it. 

It is ridiculous that all this is just about 200 Yuan. Indeed, 200 Yuan is not much money. But it is no doubt a big loss for the delivery workers in China. They could get around 200 Yuan a day only when there are enough orders. That is why the above delivery worker is so mad when the company takes 200 Yuan from him for each negative review.

Similar things are happening daily in China, between customers and workers, between patients and doctors, between students and teachers, and so on. Both sides in these events are suffering from the ruling regime of the communist party because the supermajority people do not have their citizen rights. Unfortunately, most of them do not realize what the real problem is.


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