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Mr. Miles Guo, Getter on January 31st, 2021:

1. Mr. Guo disclosed the internal reorganization of the CCP, including the Political and Legal Committee, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the Military Commission for Discipline Inspection. Many people committed suicide. “Now people serving in the public system, litigating and law enforcement agencies are in deep misery.”
2. The case of Xiao Jianhua and Ye Jianming will be surfaced in certain storyline.
3. The CCP realized that it was not able to “manipulate” the Biden administration, so it threatened and listed him as wanted.
4. The CCP’s plans to use its “vaccine and dig-anus test, the CCP’s new anal test for Covid)” to make
5 trillion yuan domestically, and vaccine only to make 3 trillion yuan overseas. 5. Due to the food constraint, it promotes “rational eating”. The CCP is a party of stomach ‘digging’.
6. “Draft Regulations for the Implementation of supervision of Large Cash and Deposit Movements”: Any amount over 20k must be regulated. 7. The CCP will soon learn and apply Hitler’s way of governing with “intelligence and secret police” to Hong Kong. 8. Other CCP’s

Mr. Miles Guo, Getter on February 1st, 2021:

1. Pandemic has soared global infection rates . Another heavyweight scientist stepped up and said that the CCP virus came from the laboratory.
2. The CCP “has the antidote” and the only way to get it is to eradicate the CCP. The CCP virus can spread rapidly in different geographical and climatic conditions around the world, which is anti-natural because it is lab-made.
3. The CCP’s fake vaccine is the modern version of ‘Renshiwan’(mind-controlling drug).
4. Aung San Suu Kyi has been a 2-timer and was finally sold out by the CCP. This is just a part of CCP’s “Greater ASEAN Project” in Southeast Asia
5. Among the four major U.S. power groups that are brewing huge actions, no one can stop the world from destroying the CCP.

Himalaya UK, GNEWS: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations pledged to oppose China’s “dictatorship agenda”

Comment: A brief comment in the article: “…It was reported that the world will stand up against the hegemony of the Chinese Communist Party, let’s see their actions… The virus problem has not been solved… If the politicians continue only talking and no action, they will suffer in the future.”

Himalaya UK, GNEWS: The CCP Uses Cyber Army to Intervene Deeply in US Political Trend

Comment: We need to see actions, not only talking. Otherwise they will reap what they have sown.

Himalaya UK, GNEWS: Declassified US intelligence verifies that the coronavirus originated from the Wuhan laboratory.

Comment: A report by The Washington Times. The fact sheet issued by the US government is encouraging more and more scholars and professionals to overcome fear and bravely tell the truth.

Beijing Daily: An internet-hailed car driver in Beijing has been detained for taking passengers to Hebei without authorisation

Comment: The CCP treats the people brutally. As long as it is under the banner of “anti-epidemic”, the government can do whatever without any justification.

Hebei Youth Daily: Just announced! The travel tracing is just published! One new confirmed case in Shijiazhuang!

Comment: The report stated that the new case has been transferred to the designated quarantine centre for centralissed isolation on January 13th and the nucleic acid test was negative during the quarantine. It reported that the person was home-bound from 3rd to 12th, January. The nucleic acid test turned out to be positive on January 31st. The reason for positivity was from his close contact of the 42nd confirmed case on January 14th. ” Darn, who should we blame for the origin of this case now?

Xinhuanet: The National “Two Sessions” welcome Chinese and foreign journalists for interviews. The deadline for registration is the 5th of February.
Bannedbook.org: CCP has barred foreign journalists from the National “Two Sessions” for the reason of the Pandemic.

Comment: Where does the confidence of this grand nation come from?

China Business News: Will the epidemic trigger a baby boom? Unexpected number of newborns announced in multiple places

Comment: “According to local media reports, the historical peak of the birth rate in Wenzhou was in 2012, and the number of live births was 144,988. Compared with 2012, it has dropped by nearly 50% in 2020.”If the number is true, the epidemic will not affect the serious and continuous decline in the birth rate of the CCP.

Expert comment, NTD: Xi Jinping determines to protect his power. Jack Ma Yun might be detained by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

專家:習近平一心保權 馬雲恐遭中紀委關押
Comment: Wang Jian, HNA, Jack Ma, and Lai Xiaomin, etc., look at the end outcome of the CCP’s frontfigures, bagmen, and domestic entrepreneurs.

Reuters Chinese: The President of Ukraine announced sanctions against Chinese companies, such as Beijing Tianjiao. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it opposes unilateral sanctions. Related reading: Epoch Times: Chen Simin: The inside story of Xinwei Group’s acquisition of Ukraine JSC Motor Sich.

乌克兰公开制裁中国企业下一步最新行动- 有吧新闻
Comment: The pace of global encirclement and eradication of the CCP will be faster and faster

NTDTV, Tweeter: Mutated viruses will sweep the United States, and Portugal’s Covid-related deaths have soared in January!

Comment: The whole world is still living in the fear of the virus and remains unabatedly.

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