[Headline News] CCP Ratcheted up Political Persecution against Chinese Abroad

Author: Billwilliam Reviewer: Irene

Communist China is ratcheting up political persecution against Chinese people living abroad. On February 4, the Supreme People’s Court published a New Explanation of the Criminal Law, which allows the government to try any pro-democracy activist in absentia and to confiscate his properties in China.

The New Explanation of the Criminal Law published a chapter delineating the procedures for absentee trials and property confiscation against the suspects of corruption or “threat to national security” charges, especially if the suspects are located abroad.

That means, if the CCP’s police bring false national security charges against a political dissident who resides abroad, the CCP’s courts can hold trials in absentia and confiscate his properties.

Communist China is ever so infamous for abusing false national security allegations against various political dissidents, religious groups, and ethnic minorities. For example, after the National Security Law for Hongkong was ratified, the CCP brought unreasonable charges against pro-democracy activists and protestors in Hongkong. Uyghur Muslims were also tortured, raped, or murdered under the false pretext of counter-terrorism.

Communist China currently lacks an independent justice system and doesn’t respect the rule of law. There are no Bill of Rights, no habeas corpus, no trial by jury, and no legal rights for suspects and prisoners. From the arbitrary jailing of human rights lawyers to the demolition of underground Christian churches, to live organ harvests from Falungong practitioners, to the torture and detention of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps, to the brutal crackdowns in Hongkong, these examples illustrate the CCP is a ruthless totalitarian regime that openly flouts the rule of law. Can the CCP’s courts be trusted to hand out impartial rulings? The answer is no.

The CCP has already started its political persecution against Mr. Miles Guo by confiscating his properties in China. This new legal explanation will probably serve to justify and expand political persecutions to all members of the Whistleblower Movement. However, we will not be cowered and will not back down. Our goal is to overthrow the evil CCP that committed genocide in Xinjiang and unleashed a biological weapon on the world.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s designation of genocide is like a stone tossed against the CCP goliath. The day of reckoning is coming. 

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