Twenty Years Ago, an Expert Criticized the CCP’s Stock Market for Being Even More Uncertain Than a Casino. Never Thought the CCP’s Fiddling of the Stock Market Would Be Even Worse After 20 Years.

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In January 2001, Wu Jinglian, an economist from the Communist Party of China, said in an interview with CCTV: “China’s stock market is similar to a casino and it is not regulated well. Even a casino has its rules to follow, such as you can’t glance at other people’s cards. In our stock market, some people are permitted to look at other people’s cards, even to cheat and engage in fraud. The skill which they use  to make a deal, hype up the stock market or manipulate stock prices has reached the peak of perfection.”

Ignoring his other comments on economic, what he said about the CCP’s stock market is true and reveals the fiddling of the stock market face to the world. This interview was taken in 2001. Twenty years have passed, and the stock market fiddling show is still playing. The brainwashed Chinese people are still fooled by the fiction of the stock market or other kind of state-level financial scams. The CCP keeps taking the Chinese people’s money regularly just like farmers keep cutting leeks. Recently, the CCP’s stock market has started a new round of madness money harvesting.

In the word of Mr. Miles Guo: “Take time and we will see. Don’t miss the moment when the CCP’s fiddled stock market show stage collapses!  God will take down the CCP!”

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