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1. Twitter: Xi Zhan: the CCP is discussing whether to release more strains of new virus, which could target specific races as a biological weapon! – Gordon Chang revealed in a Fox interview

Comment: The CCP is entering the last stage of its madness. If the rest of the world cannot unite together to eliminate the CCP soon, the world will enter another 1000 years of darkness!

2. Twitter: Xi Zhan: Dr. Quay said in an interview by War Room that the COVID-19 virus has a lot of typical laboratory-made and gain-of-function research characteristics. This proves that the virus was made in a lab. Additionally, genetic sequence of early patients showed both sequences from the COVID-19 virus and adenovirus vaccine, which means that the CCP started research on vaccines against COVID-19 as early as December 2019. Dr. Quay hoped that the CCP could provide a reasonable explanation.

Comment: Brave and morally-sound scientists will stand up one by one to join Dr. Li-meng Yan.

3. Twitter: Himalaya San Francisco Himalaya Golden Farm: Fellow warriors! Here is Alexa’s website traffic chart of all global websites: for the past 60 days, GNEWS is ranked the third! It has surpassed Twitter.

Comment: GNEWS and GTV are the first sharp swords to pierce through the darkness!

4. Representatives of CCP’s State Council in Hong Kong and Macau strongly condemn UK’s violation of treaties.

Comment: This is gangster logic of the CCP. It never allows its civilians to know its evil schemes and yet it always pretends to be the victim.

5. People’s Political Committee Paper: We can’t rush into solving the problem of Taiwan, but we also shouldn’t postpone for too long.

Global Times: The People’s Liberation Army launched large-scale preparation to attack Taiwan. Once the war starts they will fly into Taiwan straightaway. Recent deployment of 8 Xian H-6s was quite unusual.

Comment: The CCP continues boasting about its intention to invade Taiwan.

6. Xinhua Net: The truth of the arrest of famous Chinese professor Chen Gang in the U.S. is revealed. The academics from both in the west and in China fight back.

Comment: Why did the CCP propaganda machine get so anxious over the arrest of an American? To be blunt, it is because that he has a very tight relationship with the CCP. The reports within the firewall don’t even dare to truthfully present the complete story behind the arrest.

7. Duyun in Guizhou announced pandemic-prevention warning: do not buy food (including fruits) online. Please shop online carefully.

Comment: This is the manifestation of the CCP’s incapability to regulate the society.

8. The Paper: Date candies from Zaozhuang and ice creams from Tianjin, which were both tested positive for COVID-19 virus, used the same batch of whey protein powder imported from Ukraine.

Comment: Why don’t they just directly claim that because we are all under the same sky, we are all equally responsible? Even when the CCP tries to shift blames for the virus, they want to blame it on other countries because “we are all part of the humanity”.

9. Phoenix Weekly Finance: Jia Yueting: I will definitely come back to China once I get my 2 billions!

Comment: What does that mean? Take the money and run?

10. NetEase: Over 6000 billion of the market value disappeared. PetroChina lost big chunks of its overall profit in 2020.

Comment: The profits of PetroChina all go into the pockets of the CCP leaders. The Chinese civilians can only see the losses every year.

11. The Paper: Zhang Wenhong: if the large proportion of the population cannot be vaccinated, the situation of the global pandemic can hardly be improved.

Comment: He is promoting the CCP’s policy of blackmailing people with vaccines. The fundamental way of eliminating the virus is to take down the CCP! Or else the CCP will only continue to release more viruses.

12. The Paper: Zhang Wenhong: We pay respects to those who are not going home for the Chinese New Year. Nobody will take this effort granted.

Comment: This is the typical toxic chicken soup of the CCP. It sends someone who is reliable and socially respected to say something, and the general population will feel touched and hence forget about their sufferings.

13. Securities Times: 13 provinces in China have reduced the price of nuclei-acid tests

Comment: The truth is that those nuclei-acid tests for one individual cost around 80 RMB, yet the result is only valid for 7 days. Results from some tests that cost only 10 RMB are not allowed to be used as permission to travel. Some free tests don’t even release results to individuals.

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17 days ago

Sad to see how poor GNEWS is organized. Headlines should be latest news with updates and not for days same reports.
Time to reorganize GNEWS

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