CCP Vaccines – Are They Safe?

On 30 December 2020, the Joint Prevention and Control body (JPC) of China’s State Council issued a notice that the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine for the CCP virus, developed by Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd (Sinopharm Group) of China, has been approved by CCP’s State Food and Drug Administration. In the meantime, information about a press conference went viral on Wechat, a CCP-run social media application.

At the press conference, Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health and Wellness Commission and the head of the scientific research team on vaccine research and development of the JPC said, “The new coronavirus vaccine is free-of-charge for all Chinese citizens. That’s right, it is free. This is what a great nation does for its people.”

While CCP’s departments clarified that the vaccine injection is free, patients found out that they will still need to pay for the vaccine.

Let’s put aside whether or not this vaccine is indeed for free. Who can guarantee the effectiveness of this vaccine developed in merely 98 days? Is China’s capability in vaccine research and development really as advanced as it claims?

Let us take a look at what Sinopharm Group writes in the user guide for its inactivated COVID-19 vaccine.

The user guide mentioned as many as 73 side effects (local or systemic adverse reactions) after vaccination. In addition to common side effects such as discomfort at the injection site and headache, there are other serious side effects such as hypertension, loss of vision and taste, delayed menstruation and urinary incontinence.

Some medical professionals said that the user guide is akin to a “disclaimer”. The patient will not be able to seek compensation if any of the adverse reactions mentioned in it appears after vaccination.

This CCP-developed inactivated vaccine has far more adverse reactions than those developed by other countries.

“Since Edward Jenner developed the smallpox pox vaccine in 1798, no other vaccine has ever caused adverse reaction of hypertension over the course of 220 years. Yet, this CCP-developed vaccine has broken the record,” said Dr Tao Lina, a vaccine expert from Shanghai.

A vaccine that has been developed in 98 days and can lead up to as many as 73 adverse reactions. Would you want to be vaccinated with the CCP vaccine?

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