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I.The New Federal State of China News

1.The CCP Coronavirus epidemic spreads around the world. As of January 27, 2021, the total number of confirmed cases in nearly 200 countries exceeds 100 million, and the cumulative death toll has exceeded 2 million.

2.The Communist Party of China on Thursday increases its intimidation against Taiwan.  A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Wu Qian says at a regular press conference that the “military activities” of Communist China in the Taiwan Strait are necessary to solve the current security situation, and warns that “Taiwan independence” implying war.

3.The new U.S. Secretary of State Blinken holds his first press conference on Wednesday afternoon. On the issue of the Communist Party of China, he says that despite some tensions between the two countries, there is still a lot of room for cooperation, especially on issues such as combating climate change. But he makes it clear again that the atrocities of the Communist Party of China against the Uighur Muslim minority constituted genocide, “this has not changed”.

4.The U.S. Department of the Treasury website published a statement issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control on Wednesday, stating that the Biden administration has amended the restrictive measures on investment in certain Chinese companies and their subsidiaries with a military background, and put the ban into effect. The date has been extended to late May.

5.The PLA begins a series of military exercises in the South China Sea on January 27. The notice issued the day before says that from January 27 to January 30, vessels are prohibited from entering the Gulf of Tonkin into the waters between the western part of the Leizhou Peninsula in the southwestern Communist state. The Maritime Safety Administration’s notice does not provide details such as the timing and size of the exercise. This is thought to be part of a stress test by the Communist China authorities against the Biden Administration.

6.On January 27, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said “It is imperative that we get to the bottom of things in the appearance of the pandemic in China,” she said on the eve of the start of the field investigation by experts from the World Health Organization (WHO). The United States “supports an international investigation, which in our opinion must be clear and thorough”.

7.The Biden administration announced a climate change policy on January 27. John Kerry, the White House’s presidential special envoy for climate change, stressed that it is important to cooperate with countries, including Communist China, to deal with climate change, but that China is stealing U.S. intellectual property and expanding militarily in the South China Sea, and that the United States will never allow to let Communist China exchange climate change for other issues in the differences between the United States and China.

8.US President Joe Biden’s nomination to the United Nations, Greenfield, said on Wednesday that the State Department is reviewing President Trump’s ruling that the Communist Party committed genocide against Uighur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang to ensure that the decision is upheld. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party’s permanent representative to the United Nations is condemned by Uighur activists for attending a Jewish Holocaust commemoration. 

9.The long-prepared property tax by the Communist Party of China will be implemented in Shanghai on January 28, according to the “Notice on Certain Issues Concerning the City’s Launch of a Pilot Property Tax on Some Individual Houses,” which was published in Shanghai on Wednesday.

10.The Philippines canceled the deal of China Communications Construction Corporation, one of the companies that were blacklisted by the United States last August, for a $10 billion airport rehabilitation project in the country. The Philippines claims that the blacklisting of China Communications Construction has nothing to do with the disqualification of winning the bid.

11.Apple is moving its production facility of core products such as iPhones and iPads from Communist China and accelerating the expansion of production capacity into India and Vietnam. On January 27, it was reported that Apple will start to produce iPads in Vietnam as soon as the middle of this year, which will be the first time to mass-scale production of tablets outside China. In addition, Apple has also expanded the production of the iPhone in India.

II.World News

1.The U.S. State Department announced on Wednesday that it has temporarily frozen U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to review billions of dollars in arms transactions approved by the Trump administration. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the current U.S. arms sales to Taiwan are not being affected.

2.The Communist Party issued the Coast Guard Law to authorize the Communist China Coast Guard to use weapons and authorize the Coast Guard to dismantle foreign buildings on the islands that Communist China considers occupying. “After much thought, I decided to make diplomatic protests, the Coast Guard Act is a verbal threat of war, and if no one challenges it, countries can only give in the end,” Philippine Secretary of  Foreign Affairs, Teodoro Locsin twitted on Wednesday 

3.US NSA Jake Sullivan dials Indian counterpart Ajit Doval, reaffirms the commitment of President Joe Biden to a strong and enduring bilateral strategic partnership based on a shared commitment to democracy, the White House says.

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