Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.26 – NewYork Time

Published by: Lude Meida Editor: Lude Media Featured News Columnist

Those refusing to perform military service will be listed as “discredited people” by local governments

As The Paper reported, many local governments issued administrative penalties on those refusing military service, including economic punishment, disqualification to be civil servants or be hired by public institutions, and so on. It indicates that it is now quite hard for CCP to recruit due to unstable morale of the army. It proves nothing but that CCP  has no support from peope and the red dynasty is falling.

Global dependence on Taiwan’s chips reaches a dangerous degree

Due to shortage of chips, automakers in Germany, US and others are shut down and urged TSMC to increase capacity, which is a dangerous signal. Once Taiwan, having been infiltrated deeply by CCP already, is controlled or attacked by CCP, not only will global chip supplies get cut off, but also CCP will control the production of most civil chips. Lude’s analysis is to remind the current US administration to defend Taiwan in advance. Or CCP will lead you by the nose once it succeeds.

New US administration reaffirms Three Joint Communiques

Biden’s administration reaffirms Three Joint Communiques, deviously reversing last administration’s effort to deny it and encouraging CCP to invade Taiwan. With everyone making his effort, ending CCP is an irreversible tide, which won’t get deterred despite Biden’s move. CCP has infuriated the whole world and lost all its credibility internationally. It is now an irreversible world-wide tide to end CCP.

US has no idea how important Taiwan is

Only after America suffers can it take real action, and that is why it is off guard when CCP is to invade Taiwan. CCP will attack Taiwan, realize its China dream, form a multipolar world firstly, and then a unipolar world, a world controlled only by CCP. Xi’s ambition is to be the rule-maker and master of the new world, so it is unavoidable for him to invade Taiwan. Only with Taiwan in hand can CCP control the global chip market. Only by controlling the global chip market can it spoil the USA and bankrupt the USA.

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