[January 28, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

Translator:Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Antsee-GTV)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf(Liberte)

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[January 28, 2021] Video translation

Hello brothers and sisters! I didn’t change my clothes after the live broadcast this morning, and then I came to the office. Several staff asked me: “Mr. Guo, why didn’t you wear a suit today?” None of them knows why I didn’t wear a suit. I, your brother 7, am bewildered by the fact that CCP wants to change the (Pangu Plaza’s) dragon’s head to a bird’s head, and it bewildered me. Just kidding!

Your brother 7 has important arrangements today, and I just had a series of discussions with G-Fashion. After the live broadcast this morning, I received a lot of messages, all asking me about the G-Club Spring Festival live interaction (on GTV). Fellow fighters, brothers and sisters, after you watch this Spring Festival program, our interactive session must be carried out, which is required by law (Based on agreement on G-Club). Your brother 7 must interact with you as required.

There are going to be about 5,000 to 8,000 people (G-Club members) online interactive, and about 20,000 offline, I estimate. But this interaction is private (members only), not open, not open (to the public). Whoever wants to ask your brother 7 questions, please just ask directly. And even though it will be the Spring Festival, let’s not say too many warm words, because there will be too many people, so please do not waste time, right? It’s better to ask questions directly and efficiently.

The G-Fashion team just finished the meeting, and the lawyers strongly disagreed and opposed. Thanks to Ms. Wang Yanping, Wang Yanping tries hard. She told the lawyers: agreeing is the best, even if you have different opinions, it will not be accepted, that’s it. (Win a prize in) Lucky draw! Five BMW cars. It may also be five Mercedes-Benz cars. Anyway, it must be five cars, and probably five BMW cars. Then, the kind of (G-Fashion) bag I mentioned in the morning, the backpack, and the waist bag. The time to make the bag is too short, it may take 40 days to make it. Then replace it with a Guo war outfit, a set of Guo war outfits, the kind of black GForever G-Fashion outfits that I have shown you. This is all for everyone, given to everyone (who is successful) in the lucky draw. 500 hats, as well as bracelets and rings. This is incredible! 

In addition, many fellow fighters said: If I win a prize, I will give my prize to Brother 7, Miles, and many fellow fighters send me the same kind of messages. You must not think this way. If you give me the prizes you won, I will be in trouble. How can there be such a lucky draw, and the final prizes end up in your 7 brother’s pocket? If so, what kind of person is your Brother 7? If so, isn’t that someone who specializes in deceiving others and isn’t that the same as the Nine Fingers liar Sara? Right? Impossible. All prizes cannot be donated to ROL foundation either. Winners have two choices: For example, if you win a BMW car worth $100,000, you can ask for the equivalent money and take it away. Another example, a 40,000-level membership prize may be a car worth 50,000 to 60,000 dollars, and there are other cars worth more than 20,000 to 30,000 dollars. You can ask for the equivalent money to be sent directly to you. Of course, you can also ask for a (G-Club membership) card, all of which are fine.

The price is determined by the American market and will indicate: What kind of car, model, and price. If you (win and) want a car, it will be sent from the United States. Different countries have different tariffs. Mainland China, Japan, Thailand, and Africa are all different rates. You will be responsible for any costs that may occur after the car leaves the car shops in the United States, including tax fees. If you do not want a car, but the equivalent of money, then we will give you the cash. If you are in the United States, you can go to a city nearby to pick up the car. Very simple. The rest of the prizes, such as rings, bracelets, battle outfits, and hats, are all delivered to your home, and there is no extra cost. So, I won’t reply to everyone one by one, ah~ Fellow fighters, is this all right?

In addition, after I finished the live broadcast today, more people sent me messages that they were framed by the Nine Finger liar Sara. Many people were arrested after telling her (Sara) private information, but they were arrested. I hope all my fellow fighters, who have been framed by her and are still being deceived by her by being told that it’s okay to drink tea with CCP national security personnel, immediately contact your farm and the Alliance Committee. Send over all the information so that we can translate, organize, and send it to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Ah~ everyone please remember! We must fight her to the end in this matter.

Others persuaded me: I do not like to hear Mr. Guo say that Nine Fingers is not good. There are many things you do not like. You do not like it? I never care if you like it or not. CCP doesn’t like it yet, who are you? You don’t like it. Do not always pretend (you are) a deep and calm one. Sara peddles and sells God every day, and some people here are pretending and saying: “I don’t care about this, I don’t like this.” If you have any ideas, keep it yourself, you keep it. We follow the principle of “ruthlessness” in the three words “sincerity, kindness, and ruthlessness” to such wicked bastard, while treating our fellow fighters and our brothers and sisters with the “sincerity and kindness” principle. Do not forget.

To those who hurt our fellow fighters, we follow the principle of “ruthlessness”. What are these people pretending? Right? They thought that putting a suit on a pig would make them king of pigs or becoming a gentleman? What is your essence determines what you are. Before you are qualified to make irresponsible remarks to others, you’d better understand who you are. Well, don’t always have so many suggestions, these give me a big headache. I really don’t have any time to listen to so many suggestions. I’m busy working hard on important things, right?

Also, some of our brothers and sisters said in the past few days that their membership cards have not yet been processed. Some have purchased G-Club membership, but they have not yet been registered. We must hurry up these days. All farms must register all our fellow fighters who have paid before this event! Otherwise, they will lose the opportunity, and your farms must be responsible. Ah~ You should let them participate in this lucky draw, right? This is indeed a problem. Our fellow fighters are very smart, who doesn’t want to participate in the lottery? Who doesn’t want to win the prize? Right. This is the basic reality. We the people participating in the Whistleblower Movement are all good people, but we are not God, we are not greedy, but we have the same emotions and desires, and are normal people.

Uh~ this information~ ah~ good!

So, brothers and sisters, we will have a lively Spring Festival this year, and I hope that our fellow fighters from each farm can really prepare some quality programs. Ah~Don’t always be mansplaining. It’s better to prepare some wonderful programs, show them on GTV, and post some quality messages on Getter. Especially in the past few days, I have seen GNews, GTV, and Getter posted a lot of domestic information about viruses, blockades, on-site conditions, and price increases in supermarkets… We need to show more real domestic economic data. CCP’s (economy) is supported by a fake rolling pin, let us burn it, Aaha~ it is called “scalding the ball”. I posted a short video just now and I named it “Scalding the ball”, Haha~

CCP always said that others “lifted a rock and hit their own feet”, and now the result is that they scalded their tiny genitals by themselves, called “scalding the ball” ~ the short video just now. Hot your ball & hot your ball. There really is this short video and I found it!

Brothers and sisters, yeah! ~ you look at this Hermes baton, Hermes, this quality, look at this quality, ah~ this quality, right? Look at this quality!

So, brothers and sisters, okay, I am here to give you a simple reply. So many people, I’ll stop here first, let’s stop here first.

Oh ~ 7:47, how much? 52 50…I can’t see clearly~

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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