Uncovering CCP’s Scheme to Launch Biological Warfare on the World (Part 3)

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The First Suspected Launch (Continued): The Wuhan Military World Games (October 18, 2019 – October 27, 2019)

If the CCP planned to infect the athletes during the Military Games or after the Games before they left China at the airport, the athletes would carry the virus back to the rest of the world. After several days of incubation period, they would become ill, starting a global virus epidemic along with military personnel being infected. [1] There is evidence that athletes from other countries had also experienced symptoms similar to the CCP virus infection after returning to their country.

According to New York Post’s report on May 7, 2020, French athlete Elodie Clouvel stated that after participating in the Wuhan Military Games, she and her teammates were sick, and she believed that they were all infected with the CCP virus. [2]

On January 14, 2021, according to a Canadian Rebel News report, a Canadian athlete who did not want to be named recalled: “In the days when the Wuhan Games was coming to an end, many of us fell ill, coughing, and suffering diarrhea. There were very strange symptoms. On the military plane returning to Canada, our military doctors decided to use 1/3 of the rear part of the plane as an isolation chamber, and about 1/3 of the team members with symptoms were quarantined there. After returning to Canada, the team members ended their isolation and dispersed to various places in Canada. The reporter has confirmed that the first case of COVID-19 infection in Canada was a 55-year-old athlete who became ill on November 17, 2019. The Canadian military and Prime Minister Trudeau knew about these conditions for a long time, but they concealed the facts”. [3]

On December 4, 2019, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese Communist Party, Hua Chunying, threatened at a press conference: “The 9/11 incident is not far away. The US should not heal the scars and forget the pain.” [4] The CCP’s scheme to poison the world had already begun, but it is a pity that the world is still kept in the dark. As a biological weapon, the CCP virus is ideal. It is characterized by strong concealment with an incubation period as long as 14 days, it is highly infectious, and the fatality rate is not high, about 0.2-6.3%, [5]  and with most of the deceased being elderly people or patients with underlying conditions. It is also not easy to cause people to be alert if they have no symptoms or only symptoms similar to a cold following infection. [The long incubation period and high infectiousness were reasons for shutting down societies leading to the ruin of economies. The low death rate means the virus will be around for much longer and harder to eliminate. – Translator’s explanation]

On January 24, 2020, Wuhan designated the Jinyintan Hospital for the treatment of the CCP virus. Huang Chaolin, deputy dean of Jinyintan Hospital, Cao Bin, deputy dean of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, and others in a paper published in The Lancet once pointed out December 1, 2019 as the date for the first infected person to be admitted to the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, and there was no history of exposure to the South China Seafood Market in that case. [6][7]

If calculated according to the onset on December 1, the first patient had been infected at least in mid-November. It was about 15-17 days before the end of the military games. Even if this patient is sure to be the first sent to the hospital, it does not mean he is necessarily patient 0, for there may be other asymptomatic or mild-presenting patients before him. It is reasonable to assume that the initial time of infection of patient 0 could well have happened during the Wuhan Military World Games (October 18, 2019 – October 27, 2019).

In addition, a team from Harvard Medical School in the United States analyzed more than 100 pictures of parking lots in six hospitals in Wuhan, as well as Baidu’s search engine data. They compared the two time periods of October 2018 and October 2019, in terms of the number of vehicles in the parking lots of six hospitals, the Wuhan Zhongnan Hospital, Hubei Maternity and Child Health Hospital, Wuhan Tianyou Hospital, Wuhan Tongji Hospital, Wuhan Central Hospital and Wuhan Union Hospital, and the number of times Wuhan netizens searched the two keywords “Cough” and “Diarrhea” on the Baidu search engine. The results showed that the number of patients seeking help and visiting the hospital due to symptoms such as coughing and diarrhea was significantly higher in October 2019 than in the same month of the previous year. [8] It is not difficult to speculate that in Wuhan, with a population of nearly 14 million, many people may have been infected with the CCP virus during this period of time without even knowing.

(To be continued)

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