Civilization and Barbarism


As we all know, DNA carries our genetic information (chromosomes). Telomeres are small screw caps inlaid at the two ends of each DNA molecular chain. Every time a human cell divides and replicates, the telomeres will come forward and protect all of them. Carrying genetic information, oneself is damaged until it is exhausted. With the departure of telomeres, the bells of life aging and death also rang… According to the “Hayflick limit” in 1961, human cells can divide 40-60 times in a lifetime, so telomeres are also called “the clock of life”.

On October 5, 2009, three outstanding American scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery of telomeres and telomerase that protect human chromosomes. Because their discoveries give us answers to questions about human aging, cancer and stem cells, and a new direction for disease control and life extension.

We aspire to prolong life, so we are committed to the development of science; we aspire to freedom, so we advocate civilization. However, mankind has been rebellious again and again: the World War I and the World War II claimed 75 million lives; Hitler was the initiator; the coronavirus has brought the global death toll to 2.21 million so far; the Chinese Communist Party is the culprit ! The Taiwan Strait is in desperation, Europe is in desperation, the United States is in desperation, and Australia is in desperation… Haven’t we entered the age of civilization? Why do war warnings continue to emerge?

Some people say that the development history of human civilization is the process of getting rid of barbarism, but what exactly is barbarism? What is civilization? Has it taken thousands of years for humans to become more civilized, or have they become more able to conceal barbarism? It is really difficult for us to make it clear. If those proud civilizations are to cover up bad humanity, what is the difference from true barbarism? So when the civilization is not civilized enough, let the barbarism be more barbaric, even if you risk “destroying the race”, you must fight to the end!

The Sediqbales in Taiwan once said, “A true person can lose his body, but he must win his soul.” This is a kind of sad heroism, but this is their belief.

Civilization ruins at sunset. photo from reddit.

Has humans become more civilized after thousands of years, or has they become more able to hide their savagery?


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1 month ago

God is the key. Humans are poor creatures striving to reach the sky. The Bible tells a timeless tale of humans in their own strength trying to be as gods. This is illustrated in the ancient Hebrew scriptures with the sun and the moon. Humans are like the moon, at best capable at reflecting a bright sun. But what if the moon dust is black and not white? It is the whiteness of the moon that reflects the light that we see, but it is not light in itself. God is the Father of all Lights. The sun is a… Read more »

1 month ago

CCP always lie , also the CCP can’t let them see the truth