Why is the WHO Investigation a Joke – Part of CCP Propaganda

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Several media including BBC and Reuters reported on January 29, the so-called Origin Tracing Team of World Health Organization (WHO), after completing the 14-day quarantine in Wuhan, went to visit two hospitals in Wuhan that had received early-stage patients in the pandemic, and visited a CCP’s Anti-Epidemic Achievements Exhibition on Friday and Saturday.

 WHO team will also visit the Wuhan Seafood Market next week.  According to a BBC reporter, the WHO team’s itinerary is not open to the public, so many media reporters tried to follow their cars.  The journalists are not allowed to follow the WHO team into the hospital for filming.

Joke No. 1: Non-transparent Schedule with a visit to CCP’s “propaganda exhibition”

It is worth mentioning that the 13 members of the team do not speak Chinese.  All communication between the team and the people at the local sites are carried out through translators assigned by the CCP government.  All of the arrangements of the trip were arranged by the CCP.  This could explain why the investigation team would go to a Propaganda Exhibition that is made to brainwash Chinese people, instead of conducting scientific research and independent investigation.  In a nutshell, the WHO followed CCP’s agenda and requirements to “investigate” what CCP has arranged for them to see.  

This is no difference as if the police force following the guidance of the criminal suspect in handling the criminal charges.   As the suspect presented the police his/her a family album to see how great a person I am!

Joke No. 2: Investigation of the seafood market

The Global Times reported that the Wuhan seafood market was one of the most important locations in the investigation. According to the Chinese government, the Wuhan seafood market is speculated to be the original source of the virus. The Global Times published a photo of the current landscape of the site. This damp market is surrounded by a 3-meter-high fence and is not open to the public. Inside the wet market, all shops were completely closed and emptied out.

After a year has passed, how has this market changed, and how much investigation value is there?  In one word, Dr. Yan commented in one sentence: It has been a year since the CCP raised the suspicion that this market was the source of the virus. ” Does the WHO team know that only the empty building left in Huanan Seafood Market since last May?”

“It is actually broken down after at least 3 times thorough cleaning WITHOUT any real and scientific investigations. What happened to WHO’s 14-day quarantine to get such a “smart” plan?”

Joke No. 3: A third-party investigation team?

Strictly speaking, the investigation team should be a third-party organization without conflict interests.   But let’s see what it really is.  

One of the members of this team, Peter Daszak, as the chairman of EcoHealth Alliance (a non-profit organization) had been disclosed to have a long history of colluding with the Chinese Communist Party.   466 pages of emails disclosed on November 19 from the US Right to Know website (usrtk.org) revealed that he mobilized the American scientific community to fabricate a statement in February 2020 to prevent the scientific research from being directed to the lab origin of the virus.  This time, before the so-called investigation process has even been completed, he blatantly highlighted, “It’s crystal clear that bats, once again, are the natural reservoir.”

We can see his relationship with the CCP scientist from his own tweet.  He obviously was planning to have a big party on this trip to China. Daszak tweeted in November, he was “Looking forward to that special moment when we hit the baiju and the karaoke with Zhengli & Linfa”.  Shi Zhengli and Wang Linfa are the main scientists from the CCP laboratory who were releasing arguments of natural origin as well as the controversial information of the RaTg13 sequence after the pandemic started.   Baiju is strong alcohol.  Every Chinese people understand that liquor, karaoke, and feast dinner are standard CCP items for creating a more than close relationship.

Peter Daszak tweeted his excitement to party with CCP scientists from Wuhan Lab during this “independent investigation” trip


The World Health Organization, although taking a ton of hard work money from people all over the world, didn’t fulfill its responsibility to protect people’s rights.  They failed to send a warning to the world during the epidemic or making any scientific-based decisions.  Instead, they kept lying to the world for private interests, just to appease their CCP fund-giver.  Currently, the puppet show presented by the WHO in Wuhan in front of the world is a big and ridiculous joke.





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