G-Dollar and G-Coin Will Become the Mainstream in the Future Regardless Who Is the President

In the live broadcast on GTV on January 6, 2021, when Mr. Miles Guo answered the question of a brother-in-arms regarding the future of G-Coin and G-Dollar, he said that the financial order in the United States will definitely be reformed, and the legalization of digital currency is the current direction of the coming reform. And in this reform, G-Coin will also have a place in the future world digital currencies because of its own influence, and this is regardless of who will be the next president.

Feng Yu Zhi Zhong (Nick name of a fellow fighter): Okay, I am here. Dear honorable and distinguished Mr. Miles Guo, I have a question on behalf of our farm’s fellow fighters. I remembered what you said at that time: if President Trump will recognize our G-Dollar and G-Coin in his second term, will this signify a thorough re-organization of the old financial order in the U.S. in his second term? In other words, to commence a radical transformation? For example, the issue of Wall Street was hiding the truth from the masses and the issue of unlimited money printing from the central bank of each country. Will they construct a brand new financial system [to overcome the issues]? Will our G-series be able to ride the wave of times under this context? Do we have such concepts? Our fellow fighters all know that you have ample intelligence, but basically no specific detail can be shared. I hope you can talk about this trend within the scope of disclosure, thank you.  

Mr. Guo: Thank you, brother Feng Yu. I am neither honorable nor distinguished, but I can definitely answer your questions. I will simply tell you these few points. After the president takes over, will the U.S. reform the entire financial system? Will our G-Dollar and G-Coin have the opportunity [to participate]? And another one you asked was these two issues of the financial order and its reformation. I can tell you, brother Feng Yu. This would have happened even if President Trump had not comes into power. Many people have misunderstood that all these things will happen only after President Trump takes over [in the second term], while these things will never happen again if Biden is in power. This is absolutely not the case!  

What I can tell everyone is that one of the problems the U.S. facing is the one concerned by Mr. Feng Yu. Remember, the U.S. is nothing without its Dollar. Without the Dollar, there will be no strong military for the U.S. Without the military, without the Dollar, what else is left? Even if the cornerstone of law and faith was to remain, law and faith will only works in your own country, not in other countries. Also, when the power is great enough, even law and faith of a country could be destroyed in seconds or minutes. It is like the flood happened in Japan. When the flood was in, where were your cars? No matter how good your car was. Where was your Toyota? Aren’t they all washed into the water? It’s not as if the infrastructure was poor, aren’t they all destroyed in the end? Those are nonsenses.        

Under what circumstance will the U.S. remain “strong”? Only when the U.S. possesses its Dollar as well as its powerful army, both are indispensable. So, if the U.S. Dollar wants to remain powerful, it is impossible to only rely on the financial system of dollar of the past. In addition, when the digital currency, the digital era and the Internet era, and the 5G or even the 6G are coming, it will be impossible to not face them. The only problem is just whom to give this piece of “meat” to? Have you ever thought of this question: Why does Zuckerberg, who lives a good and luxury life, support Biden by selling his soul or even facing the risk of going to jail? What does he really want to do? He just wants Biden to promise him to change his Libra currency to Cara or whatever digital currencies that will be endorsed by the U.S. Isn’t it as simple as that? Hence, if Biden comes into power, will he only allow Zuckerberg to monopolize but no one else? This is impossible.

If President Trump is in power, he may choose us. If Biden takes over, he may choose Zuckerberg. The digital currency and the financial reform are the only options for humanity, which are the best ways for the U.S. to continue its power of currency and the Dollar era. So, our G-Dollar and G-Coin will only be recognized by President Trump and Biden will ignore us? This is incorrect! If Biden takes over, he may feel wronged and act rashly for the first year or a half by suppressing and threatening us. Then we will take down the things from G-TV and make apologies. He will still choose us in the end. Why? There has never been any system like the G-Dollar and G-Coin in the history of humanity so far. If he gives it to Libra, it is impossible that he won’t give it to us. This is because Biden knows very well about our friends in the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and our relationship with the swamp. We dare to ask for a thunder from the sky, and how do you know that we dare not ask for a few more? I dare to ask for a sunny thunder from the sky, and we also dare to ask for a sky splitting thunder. We dare to ask for a thunder crack while you might be the president. We have a lot of friends within his party. So, the power of G-Dollar and G-Coin will become the mainstream in the world of future. Now, nobody can stop the digital currency.

Then again, there is no chance for him [to win]. It must be Trump. If Trump wins, he is not the big boss to decide whether we will be on the game or not. Just like today, does he have a say on whether he will have a second term? Who will he choose? Giuliani? If not Giuliani, not Bannon, who else can he choose? Anyone he chooses, we believe, will ultimately support us. Hence, G-Coin and G-Dollar will inevitably and naturally enter the forefront rank of virtual currency in the world. One more thing, they will become the forefronts of America’s currency and financial reform. Nobody can stop it. This has nothing to do with the U.S. Presidential election. It is just a matter of happening sooner or later, simple as that. The U.S. finance needs to be reformed, otherwise it will inevitably meet its end. It surly needs reformation. Yet, if Trump is in power, he can make these things happen much more quickly and accurately, much more devastating for the CCP. To us, it is just a matter of happening sooner or later. In addition to that, there is no problem. Thank you, brother Feng Yu.     

Video source: https://gtv.org/video/id=5ff5c2d8f579a75e0bc6d010 

Acknowledgement: Thanks to 巴黎七星农场, 喜马拉雅的馍夹肉, Maaragofor and NewFOC for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/728201/

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