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自由亚洲|官方宣称物价“温和上涨” 基层反映粮价早已翻倍- 中国数字时代

CCTV News: [Officials claim price “gentle increase”, do you believe it?]

官方宣称物价“温和上涨”     基层反映粮价早已翻倍
Comment: Tianjin citizens report that they nearly couldn’t afford groceries. While the grocery price will increase again, in some places even salaries couldn’t be paid to staff due to impact of the pandemic. Economic crisis in Communist China is coming.

CCTV News: The UN will investigate the origin of the virus. If proven to be man-made, the culprit will be dealt with as war criminals against humanity!

Comment: Saddam, Gaddafi, and Ceausescu are waiting for Baozi (Xi Jinping) somewhere close by (in hell). The CCP will again start making deals behind closed doors.

Beijing News: A comprehensive analysis of the economic effects of “Chinese New Year in situ”: An experiment in which benefits exceed costs.

Comment: To paraphrase it: “You, a bunch of deplorables, just do your job as deplorables. Don’t wish to have any dignity!”


疫苗、检测、经验,面对疫情我们有了三件“法宝” - 央视网| 微信公众号文章阅读- WeMP
Comment: What a lie! The magic weapons are 1. sealing doors, silencing speech, and locking down cities; 2. testing and quarantine for profits; and 3. lying to shift blames and harm people!

Global Times (Jan. 26th): Hong Kong media: Carrie Lam said that she hopes that the central government will distribute vaccines when necessary. It is still too early.

Xinhuanet (Jan. 27th): Xi Jinping listened to Carrie Lam’s debriefing report. Global Times (Jan. 27th ): Carrie Lam confirmed that she has requested the central government to provide vaccines.

林鄭月娥稱已要求中央向本港分配由內地研發或生產疫苗- RTHK
Comment: Carrie Lam: “I don’t want to take the human corpse pill”. Xi: “Do you try to rebel?” Carrie Lam: “I will take it (the vaccine)!”


Comment: Recently there has been a series of fake news about American food packaging containing the CCP virus. Is it to pave the ways for future food shortages?

Sohu: China can test 100 million people every day! This is the myth of wealth-making from nucleic acid testing.

Comment: “The CCP virus makes nucleic acids tests fly. According to CCP’s official claim, the number of receiving nucleic acid test in China have reached 160 million. A securities company pointed out that overall demand for nucleic acid testing during Chinese Spring Festival is 600 million, and test manufacturers will have a market of 15–30 billion yuan. It can bring a market increase of 60 billion to 120 billion yuan for testing agencies. Companies involved in CCP virus testing such as Mingde Bio, Daan Gene, and Oriental Bio have a net profit increase of 1,000 to 2,000 times. ” In China, no matter what the life status of ordinary people is, the rich and powerful will never hesitate to make money out of them.

Netease: “Patient 0” caused Jilin Tonghua epidemic is confirmed, procurators involved.

Comment: The CCP has found a scapegoat for the epidemic in Tonghua City. “The Dongchang District Bureau of Tonghua Public Security Bureau filed a case for investigation on January 17, 2021 for a crime of obstructing the prevention and control of infectious diseases.” If you are unfortunate enough to contract the CCP virus, you will also be investigated by prosecutors! Is it a crime to get sick?

Huanqiu.com: [The US Secretary of State said that he agreed that “China has committed genocide in Xinjiang”. Zhao Lijian: This showed that any important thing need to be repeated for three times: China did not do it! 】

Comment: CCP spokesperson Zhao Lijian panicked and desperately tried to deny the fact. But a lie will not become the truth no matter how many times it is repeated.

NTDTV’s tweet:[Qin Peng Observation] The so-called “Leek Cutting Scythe” drama has reached a new high. The White House intervened to stop the transactions of GME and other stocks, and retail investors went to the Southern District Court of New York to sue the platform. Robinhood stopped trading; politicians from all walks of life express their views to take sides. Behind the incident is the analysis of conservatives and Wall Street.

Comment: A financial war between civilians and elites.

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