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China News Network: Those who have been vaccinated still need to comply with nucleic acid testing requirements.

Comment: They were so infinitely confident about the fake vaccine, but when it comes to the actual execution, they acted as if the vaccine is ineffective.

Huanqiu.com: The National Health Commission issues a strong condemnation!

Comment: The National Health Commission of the Chinese Communist Party condemned medical-related violent crimes. Like a recent murder of a judge, the institutions in Communist China do nothing but condemn the violence. What is the root cause? What is the medical insurance for residents of Communist China like? Why are violent incidents so frequent? The CCP has never taken the people into consideration, and it has been extremely incompetent.

Chutian Metropolis Daily: A policeman in Yichang has helped more than one hundred separated families reunite in 6 years, by spending 30,000 yuan of his own money each year to help people find their relatives.

Comment: Assuming that the report is true, to help every separated family reunite requires the policeman to pay an average of $1,800 RMB out of his own pocket, and spend more than 20 days of his time. Just to make a comparison to initiatives, such as the big money throwaway (CCP’s foreign aid initiatives) of $60 billion USD, you can understand the truth how CCP “serves the people”—Just a lie.

Netease: Alipay, JD.com, Didi, etc., made a move, Internet deposits is declared “dead.”

 Comment: Internet platforms such as Alipay, JD Finance, Didi Finance, and Tianxing Finance have closed their purchase channels for existing customers of bank deposit products on the evening of the 25th

NetEase: Another foreign company withdrew from Shenzhen? Actual investigation: Moved part of the production line but did not completely withdraw.

Comment: It is reported that Hanning Motor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. did not withdraw, but transferred part of the production line to Indian. Foreign capital continues to pull out from China. Even for such an unknown small company to transfer its production lines, Chinese officials need to stand out to calm the people. It seems that this is a “sore spot” of the CCP.

Sina Video: Tonghua volunteers lying on the snow to rest and this has touched residents to tears: You have worked too hard to deliver food from door to door!

Comment: Whenever there is a catastrophe, the CCP always shifts people’s attention and diverts conflicts by showcasing things that are deceivingly touching. But the bigger question is, how come the Chinese people can always be fooled like this?

Xia Kedao Weibo Post: [Macron says modern capitalism will not work: What is needed now is the elimination of the gap between the rich and the poor]

Comment: French President Macron attended the World Economic Forum’s “Davos Agenda” via video. He claimed that “under the current circumstances, the capitalist model and open economy are no longer feasible.” Macron believes that the “only way” to get out of this epidemic is to create an “economy that is more focused on eliminating the gap between the rich and the poor.”
Comment: Macron made a lefty speech at the Davos Forum. After the U.S. election, the Davos Party began to hold a carnival.

NetEase: China’s Internet under a deep monopoly: Fakeries and scammers are rampant, small and medium-size enterprises have broken down

Comment: The article truthfully reveals the situation of internet search, information classification, real estate, IM, Weibo, online payment, food delivery, and traveling on China’s Internet under deep monopoly. Monopoly by internet giants has killed countless small and medium-size enterprises. Applause for those who dared to speak out

NTDTV tweet: The state of Texas won the lawsuit against the federal government! Biden Administration’s immigration order was suspended

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