Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Jan 30, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• WHO team is now in Wuhan and starts their work to trace virus origins. They reportedly visit the exhibition dedicated to those who fought against COVID 19 in Wuhan, where global outbreak first began.

o The trip arranged by the Chinese Communist government had nothing to do with the source of the virus but to brainwash the WHO team.

o Mr. Lu De notes that this WHO team is led by Peter Daszak, who is a good friend of Batwoman Shi Zhengli. In one of his tweets on November 7, 2020, Daszak wrote: “Amen to that @DavidQuammen. Looking forward to that special moment when we hit the baiju and the karaoke with Zhengli & Linfa.” (Note: Wang Linfa is an Australian virologist from Singapore who helped identify bats as the host of the first SARS coronavirus. He has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) according to his background and career path.)

o Ms. An Hong comments that probably the CCP and WHO team have already written the report during the quarantine. They are now just putting on a show. o Scientists are human; they can also be greedy for money and lust. What the CCP does best is to use human evil.

• Fox News interviewed former and current National Security Advisers Susan Rice, Robert C. O’Brien, and Jack Sullivan. Rice and O’Brien both recommended a tough approach to China. Rice even commented that China was forcing the U.S. to go to war. However, Sullivan believes that the U.S. must first solve the problem of America’s own democratic system, then unite with allies to confront the CCP.

o President Trump was not re-elected because he was unwilling to have a war with the CCP, and it was why the establishment Republicans sided with Joe Biden. If Sullivan were making this statement on behalf of the Biden administration, the Biden administration would be in huge trouble with establishment Republicans.[8:12 PM]

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