Miles Exposed CCP’s “Operation Dual Dragon” for Conquering Taiwan in 2019

Mr. Miles Guo exposed the CCP’s “Operation Shuanglong (Dual Dragon)” as early as September 1, 2019. It is the PLA’s plan of using the Hong Kong incident as an excuse to suddenly launch an attack on Taiwan. He urged people in Taiwan to stand with Hong Kong and the world and also warned people in mainland China not to side with the evil CCP; otherwise, their fate would be the same as the Japanese and Nazi Germany’s after World War II.

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The CCP’s National Security Commission led by Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan and the Chinese regime, under the ideology of “all under heaven belong to the party and the party’s few families”, have planned it all out. In Fujian, 500,000 troops and missile force are ready. Once Hong Kong’s situation is out of control and America imposes comprehensive sanctions and complete blockades, just like after the Tiananmen June Fourth Incident, the West and the US and the world imposed suctions on China, the CCP will suddenly launch a targeted decapitation operation and military strikes against Taiwan and take back Taiwan completely. This is called “Operation Shuanglin” (a.k.a. “Operation Shuanglong” or “Operation Dual Dragon”).

So, this “Operation Shuanglin”, as we can see, will use the excuse that the Hong Kong Movement, which is actually an anti-extradition bill protest, was plotted by the Americans and Taiwanese who secretly supported the independence of Taiwan. [They will say that] many leaders of the Hong Kong Movement are hiding in Taiwan, so in order to capture these people, they will need to have military actions toward Taiwan and liberate Taiwan. This is one of the real purposes and the core.

So next what I want to tell everyone is that [the military action toward] Taiwan may happen the next hour, the next day, or the next minute, and anything is possible. So Taiwan government’s ignorance, selfishness, and cowardice, and the many years of the CCP’s BGY on the Nationalist Party and the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan will make Taiwan to pay big prices and will destroy the Taiwanese people. This “Operation Shuanglin” is to completely conquer Taiwan no matter what means are used and what prices are paid, no matter how many people are killed and how much blood is shed.

So this time, Hong Kong has become the biggest shield for Taiwan. Taiwan will be safe only if it sides with Hong Kong and protects Hong Kong people. By taking brave actions and standing with the world, will Taiwan have security. Otherwise, it will become the ashes [in front of the military conquer of the CCP].


Also, for the fellow fighters in mainland China, who are inside the CCP and the PLA, and the 1.4 billion Chinese people, you must understand the fate of the people in Japan in the Second World War, the fate of Hitler, and the fate of the so-called innocent people in Germany and Japan after the Second World War. This crazy action by Xi and Wang for conquering Hong Kong, conquering Taiwan by the “Operation Shuanglong”, conquering the world, even with a third world war is essentially for protecting their own family interests, protecting the CCP’s interests, protecting their own illegitimate children, and the huge wealth they stole from the country, rather than for the interest of the people.

It’s just like the Japanese Emperor and Hitler. Both said that it was for the good of their own people. They kidnapped the country and the nation and destroyed them eventually. The Chinese people must stand up and stand with the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan, so as not to ruin their future. If you are to associate with thieves and bandits, you will die without a place to be buried, and you will definitely be destroyed by the righteous forces in the world. Just as Japan was attacked by nuclear weapons, like Hitler in Germany and the German Nazis were still hunted down till this day, you will have no place to buried even when you die. 

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