[January 29, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1)

Translator:Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Bruce) 

Proofreader:Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (Freeearth)

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[January 29, 2021] Video translation

Hello brothers and sisters! Do you guys work out? Do you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the Hong Kong crisis?

Hello brothers and sisters! Today is January 29th, 2021. Have you worked out yet, brothers and sisters? Don’t ever forget to work out!

Now, did you all see that? What has happened in the last 20 hours? Holy crap! Do you all know what happened after these 4 Beijing gangs in talked? Wang Qishan was the first one got his own small business, and his personal business. The business of the GUAN Jun , settled first! Right? The business of LIU Chengjie’s father, by the way, was also resolved, right? This is the way Wang Qishan was so clever: “You must promise to restructure HNA, to restructure in bankruptcy!”

Chen Feng said of me at the time, “GUO Wengui(Miles GUO) is one thousand percent lying.” The bastard is finished now, isn’t he? He didn’t become the chairman! Then the assets – the whole HNA 700 billion in debt thrown to the people! 700 billion in assets!  As you can see, this is the game, and this is the sadness of the Chinese people! The people have been kept in the dark, over and over again!

They bargain, and they fight for power, don’t they? The result is that if you attack Taiwan, I’ll bankrupt HNA!  Next, the bankruptcy of the seven major banks is coming, and the money is going to GUAN Jun, WANG Qishan, and LIU Chengjie’s families.  Of course, there are hundreds of apartments are under CHEN Feng’s name in Manhattan! Hundreds of properties, and hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. Then, the Chinese people will be unlucky.  What is going to happen to the people? To pick your anus! Chinese people like to go through the back door (pull strings for someone). (They will) pick your “back door”–pick your shit. How much you have to pay for it? Have you been counted it? Is 120 yuan a person or 50 yuan a person? They can dig trillions and trillions of RMB from Chinese people! How many HNAs can be digging out of people’s anuses?

Then, now it is said that there are enthusiastic, voluntary applications from all over the country, and willing to help the CCP pick their anuses. Now, both old people – as long as you are breathing – and children – as long as you are breathing – of all sizes, male and female, young and old – are all picking their anuses and shit.

A party – the party says want to “serve the people”, the party that is closer to the people than their parents now want to pick the anuses from last backdoor of the people (the people who love to go through back door), and (the party) wants to dig trillions of RMB out!

Then, over here, HNA announced its bankruptcy and restructuring. GUO Wengui(Miles GUO), with almost zero corporate debt, and he doesn’t owe you a penny from the Communist Party either, does he? Our Yuda doesn’t owe you a penny, and all the (charges) were framed by you. We have been operating it normally for so many years in the past and has employed more than 60,000 employees from the past to the present, and we still employ few thousand employees, but you want to put it out of business!

You are hooligans, old thugs!

Then, HNA, with $700 billion of public assets on the books; actual liabilities under the table are $1.6 trillion. You allow HNA to go into bankruptcy and restructure!  What do you mean by “bankruptcy restructuring”? Bankruptcy restructuring means giving the bad assets to the people and taking the good assets away from them (the kleptocrat).  This is called bankruptcy restructuring!

This “expert” and that “expert” are bullshit experts!  In an extreme communist country, bankruptcy restructuring is a fraud, a legal fraud! If you don’t have government support, you are called a “fraud”; and if you have government support, you are called a “bankruptcy reorganization”. It’s as simple as that! At the end, the people pay the bills.

Moreover, beside political background, there is a big conspiracy here. We will see it.  Various so-called domestic participations and holdings in which HNA is involved, and all the various projects which it invests, will slowly be transferred to these so-called families.  This is the sadness of the 1.4 billion Chinese people! (The kleptocrats) are bold enough to transfer the money away publicly!  No one dares to speak up, and no one wants to speak up.

On top of that, you take a look at the United States. Wang Qishan came out and said, “In US – China relations, interests are greater than conflicts, and interests are greater than differences.” Why did Wang Qishan come out and speak at this time? It requires a political collusion between Wang Qishan and the US. This is why Wang Qishan is not be killed. Wang Qishan has already tripped up the Communist Party and put down a compulsion. Which is if you get me killed, you won’t survive! In the US, the Wall Street bigwigs, and the swamp only approve of me, not you! They don’t approve of you, Xi Jinping. They approve of me!  It’s not about the Communist Party but money!”

How do you think, brothers and sisters? This thug Wang Qishan is treacherous enough, isn’t he? But this is also the time of his demise! If you always carry out threats, one time works, one and a half times is fine, two or three times is definitely not! When it’s done with you, it’s time to destroy you! HNA, you go bankrupt and restructure. The American side of the business, you stand up again. Then all kinds of money are collected properly. Nevermind Guan Jun or Sun Yao, will all of you not be killed next? He(Xi Jinping) definitely will kill him (Wang)! You saw the video I passed around yesterday. PNEG Dehuai (General) you saw. What happened to Peng Dehuai (General) and Liu Shaoqi (President) then?  It was only a matter of time, Wang Qishan! Remember what I said: it’s only a matter of time!

Also, I heard that recently, a lot of people in the US are preparing to launch an investigation into the people behind all the major deals between the CCP and the US over the past years – in the US it’s called “lobbying”, in China it’s called “public relations ” – to investigate where the money has gone. This is going to be hilarious! And remember what I said, China and the US must be decoupled! As soon as the HNA thing came out, I knew there had to be a decoupling! When I have time to have a live broadcast, let’s talk about: why Wang Qishan came forward at this time, why HNA is going to bankruptcy and restructuring at this time, and why I said on this matter to verify that the US and China must decouple!

Next, the Communist Party of China this half year, can still say that one by one sporadic collapse, major banks, major state-owned enterprises so-called bankruptcy restructuring; the second half of the year, like cooking dumplings (one after another)! I still say the same thing: the yuan will definitely (turn into) Paper money!  The Hong Kong dollar will definitely disappear! In the future, food will be expensive in China, but nothing else will be expensive! The Communists have started picking their anus. They have started picking their anus! What’s next? What else is there to pick? You can’t pick your eyeballs, can you? What can China produce, brothers and sisters?  1.4 billion people, what do we produce? Let’s ask what does China produce in its economy? Where is the economic growth? Don’t lie to me, don’t lie to yourself – lie to others, don’t lie to yourself, okay?

As one of our friends said yesterday: didn’t the “Nine Finger King” say that the “Whistleblower Movement” could not be trusted? “Lying”? Then she has been lying for three years too! In the “LUDE Interview”, some friend asked the “Ninth Finger King” directly and privately: “Nine Finger King”, you don’t believe in the ” Whistleblower Movement “, so now you are still asking us to write a will. If you ask us to write a will, is it that we need to stockpile food at home? Is it true that war will happen?” She was dumbfounded. “If you believe the ‘ Whistle Blowers Movement ‘ when it says ‘war will happen’, then you still believe the LUDE  Interviews! If you say ‘war won’t happen’, then why are you asking (friends) to write will?” That’s the least of it. This friend, he has a wisdom, he has logic!

If the Communist economy is good, why are you picking my anus? Then I would like to ask my fellow fighters, if they have ever asked whether the grandchildren and illegitimate children of those old bastards in the “Zhongnanhai Pit” are having their anuses plucked? Are you allowed to pick them? Who does the picking? Who is waiting to be plucked with their trousers down?  Who’s going to do it? The Communist Party has turned into a shit-eating party by picking anus and shit! The party of “serving the people” has become the party of “eating shit”! Do you think its economy can still survive? It’s still acting!

Brothers and sisters! Let’s talk about it on the next broadcast! I’ll tell you more about it when we have a live broadcast. I’m not on air today, because I have too much stuff to do today, too much stuff!

I feel so full of energy! Listen to how I feel, look at the scars that the Communists have left on my body.  Look, do you hear it? “Crunch, crunch, crunch”. Every day when I exercise and when I feel the pain, it strengthens my (confidence): ” Eliminate the CCP!  We must exterminate the CCP quickly!”

That’s all for today, brothers and sisters, thank you (in Cantonese)!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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