Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.01.25 – NewYork Time

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1.Accelerator-in-Chief Xi in a Recorded Video of Davos Forum

On January 25, Xi Jinping delivered a special speech for more than 20 minutes at the World Economic Forum “Davos Forum”.  Since LUDE revealed the news about Xi’s surgery, Xi has been “invisible(not show up)”.  The sudden appearance of Xi’s recorded video on the Davos forum caused a lot of controversy and speculation.  The Xi in the video is doubtful in terms of sound, action state, expression, etc. As for whether the AI technology made the video, or the video that has been recorded before, it is doubtful.

Mr. Miles also revealed the news that Xi had not personally signed any documents in recent weeks. The documents with his name were all printed out. It can be seen that Xi’s current situation is abnormal. Whether the sudden video is forged is worthy of attention.

2. The CCP Published the GDP Growth Data of Certain Provinces

Today, Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing and other provinces and cities announced that the 2020 GDP growth rate are 2.3%, 1.7%, and 1.2% respectively.  Among them, Hubei Province, where the epidemic is most severe, has a rate of -5%.  In the first few months of 2020, the country has been under lockdown due to the epidemic, and exports and employment have been greatly affected. It can be seen that the statistics released by the CCP are very doubtful.  At present, the whole world is in a trend of severe decline in GDP, but the CCP is showing positive growth against the expected logic.  Distorted facts such as data falsification and exaggerated reporting further prove that the CCP is ruling the country with fakes.

3. Tonghua of Jilin Province is out of Food and Medicine, and the National Vegetable Prices are Rising

Recently, in Tonghua of Jilin City, netizens posted on Weibo(similar to Twitter) that there was a problem with the distribution of its materials.  Tonghua, where more than 200 cases of CCP virus have occurred, has problems including shortages of grain and oil and delays in delivery, causing many people to be unable to buy food.  Its exposure on Weibo shows that it has reached a very serious level, and there may even be a large number of humanitarian disasters.  After being exposed, the deputy mayor of Tonghua came out to apologize, proving that the problem reported by netizens was real.  The fellow fighters who had followed LUDE’s reminder to store food can save themselves and their families at this time.

4.Fourth, Xinhua News Agency Issued an Article “Let the political and Legal System have Nowhere to Hide Corruption”

The Xinhua News Agency once again proposed anti-corruption in the political and legal system, which, in the final analysis, started a political campaign to eliminate dissidents within the party.  Recently, Mr. Miles broke the news that the four factions within the CCP are making their own efforts, all wanting to bring down the other factions in their own favorable situation.

There may be bigger moves or news coming out because of the struggle.

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