Is Containing China really a Mission Impossible?

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On Jan 28, the CCP’s Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference, at which senior Colonel Wu Lian answered reporters’ questions.

One question, among many other raised, particularly pointed to how the China-US military relations in the Trump era was like and how the CCP’s military intends to engage with the US army after Biden was sworn in.

Colonel Wu said:” China-US relations experienced serious difficulties when Trump was in office, and the same situations cascaded over our military relations. In reality, it has been proven that the intention to challenge China is akin to lifting a rock and drop it onto its own feet. Containing China is a Mission Impossible!

This statement is yet another CCP mouthpiece. I hereby offer the following refutations.

1. CCP’s military is extremely lack of independent R&D

The majority of Chinese military technology required foreign impartations. Take Liaoning, the first aircraft carriers commissioned into CCP’s Navy, as an example, it is literally a refurbished former Soviet Union aircraft carrier, and the following one is most likely to be a slightly modified version of it, with no major technological breakthroughs.[1] 

Other than aircraft carriers, the CCP’s submarines, aircrafts, surface vessels, you name it, all use a variety of critical components manufactured in Europe or the US.  

2. CCP’s huge military budget enriches its senior military officers rather than strengthens its military strength

Over the past couple years, a number of military individuals in the senior level has been convicted of corruption charges, including former CSIC [China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation] Chairman Hu Wenming[2] who received huge amount of bribery through sensitive military projects he oversaw. 

His case is merely a tip of the iceberg. Like many other sectors, military spending is also a highly-corrupted industry that enriches and emboldens a group of CCP-backed profit chain.

3. The CCP is more focused on maintaining its domestic security than military confrontations with other countries

The CCP has been brainwashing and enslaving the Chinese people for over many decades, and in order to keep them from learning about the outside world, the CCP constructed the cyber firewall to censor any information coming from other countries that is not in favour of its ruling. Furthermore, all media in China is shaped and instructed to propagate the CCP’s agenda.

According to an article [3], the CCP’s spending on its domestic security apparatus had overtaken its defense budget more than 10 year ago. The CCP is so scared that one day the Chinese people will be fed up with the CCP and stand up to take it down overnight.


If the whole world unite in confronting the CCP, it will be gone very quickly. As Mr Miles Guo famously said, the CCP is simply a “paper tiger” if the West stops colluding and providing finances and technology to the CCP.





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