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Some of the information is gathered from all parts of the internet, viewers’ discretion is advised

1. GNEWS article from Lion City Himalaya Farm of Singapore: Beware! Second wave of pandemic is coming. The CCP might blame it on churches.

Comment: The CCP’s blame on ‘imported virus’ can no longer satisfy the need for fake stability; therefore, the CCP started creating new scapegoats and shifting blames to underground religious groups. The persecution of the CCP towards religions never stops.

2. The Brightest Star in the Sky: Lockdown in Tonghua of Jilin for pandemic prevention and control has caused food shortage among 300 thousand locals. Large number of residents commented on People’s Daily and Xinhua News for help.

Comment: The CCP’s decision to lockdown arbitrarily did not factor in civilians’ livelihoods and caused humanitarian crisis. Some people have gone 6 days without food, and nobody cares! Plenty of government departments regard human lives lesser than weeds. 

3. CCAV News: Netizens report that people in lockdown ran out of food. Some went out to shop but got denied. They then turned into killers with knives.

Comment: If the basic needs of livelihood cannot be met, the civilians will only protest against pandemic-prevention personnel with violence. The conflicts will be aggravated to become crimes. Eventually the evil systems will make people fight among themselves.

4. Tencent: Urgent response during the weekend! An oligarch that is worth $400 billion and involves in Apple production chain is under investigation under Section 337. Overall, 320,000 stock investors were impacted.

Comment: Luxshare Precision is being investigated for violations of intellectual properties in its products that are exported, imported and sold in America. No matter how the fight turns out among American political parties, the movement to take down the CCP is irreversible. 

5. NetEase: newest regulations on returning back to China: quarantine for 28 days for 8 provinces across the nation, including Beijing, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang!

Comment: After claiming that the new wave of pandemic was all imported from overseas the day before yesterday, the CCP now ordered that all returnees from oversea will be quarantined for 28 days, with firstly hotel quarantine and then stay-home isolation and health monitor.

6. Twitter: He finally became famous: after the whole country allegedly got out of poverty, MoCha, a 20-year-old video blogger on Bilibili ate only instant noodle every day and starved to death on January 4th. The number of his subscribers jumped from 100 to 500,000.

Comment: Another tragic story of internet fame in Communist China! This is just an example of an average civilian in China! Only Chinese people could value the tragic life of another person, in a country where the CCP regards human lives lesser than weeds.

7. CCAV News: Recently, Li Qiang and his mother, who were deprived of electricity and water for 60 days and then forcedly removed from their residence in Small Tang Mountain in Beijing, now ended up sleeping in front of the local government building in this cold weather.

Comment: This is a typical example of tyranny of dictatorship and it could happen to any average citizen! 

8. CCAV News: Lockdown cities and households in Tonghua city of Jilin started on January 23rd 2021. In many neighbourhoods, residents were greeting each other only from their home windows.

Comment: The secondary crisis caused by the CCP virus is even scarier than pandemic itself.

9. NetEase: “Germany does not welcome Chinese!” A German Senator screamed insults and started fights in an Asian restaurant, and triggered significant amount of criticism.

Comment: The article referred to Harald Sielaff, Senator of Christian Democratic Union of Germany. He most likely insulted the CCP, so the CCP attempted to take him down using political correctness. This also reflects the anti-CCP trend in the political world of Germany.

10. Twitter of NTD TV: Pandemic in Shanghai spiked continously, with many cases of sudden death found on the underground tubes. Many areas in Shanghai are bombarded with newly infected cases. On January 24th, Huangpu district and Guixi neighbourhood were listed as medium-risk areas. Before that, Shaotong Road area and “Zhongfu Shifuhui Hotel were already marked as medium risk.

Comment: Pandemic has imploded again in Communist China.

11. The Paper: A review of a new journey on strict regulations within the CCP at the Fifth National Conference of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Comments: Xi Jingping’s “political judgment, understanding and execution” was highlighted again to warn and suppress other minor parties within the CCP. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the equivalent to the janitor of the CCP, is about to start acting again.

12. Sohu: A woman peed with blood for 20 times in one night and subsequently fainted after eating six catties of cherries in five consecutive days.

China’s Daily: Shijiazhuang reported results of second tests on imported cherries: all tested negative.

Comment: China consumed more than 70 percent of cherries from the world annually. A few days ago, a report showed that imported cherries were tested Covid positive, whose profit was impacted most? The CCP is contradicting itself again.

13. The Paper: Many local governments are collectively punishing people who refuse to join the army: they will never be recruited as civil servants and will also be marked as low-credit citizens.

Comment: Firstly, civilians are no longer willing to sacrifice their lives for the CCP in the age of information. Secondly, local governments demonstrated how the law is fraudulent under the CCP. They regulate the country with fake systems and invent all sorts of punishment with fancy names. 

14. Sohu: When notified that coal miners were rescued from a collapsed coal mine, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee held his agenda and rushed to the site.

Comment: It is disgusting that those who involved need to thank the CCP after suffering from such disaster.

Information Collection: Alicia,Cathy,Near,文大石,CharlesS

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