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Some of the information is gathered from all parts of the internet, viewers’ discretion is advised

1. Lude Media reported that the CCP has decided to replace Xi Jinping on its internal meetings. The great era of eliminating the CCP from within has just begun.

Comment: After three years of the Whistleblower Movement, the great era is coming.

2. Weibo: Volunteer army – Gui Guzi: People’s congress passed coast guard laws today, which will be executed from 1st February onwards. Its content entails that our coast guards could fire first on any foreign military naval ship that invades our territorial sea.

Comment: The CCP further advanced on transforming coast guards into pirates.

3. Sohu: With a changing management, Hainan Airlines entered the key stage of dealing with its debt crisis of 700 billion.

Comment: After the Whistleblower Movement revealed the truth of Hainan Airlines in 2017, the company declared that it entered “liquidity crisis” in the same year. Now it continues to reorganize and divest assets under the façade of bankruptcy. 

4. Tencent: This company’s (Sansure Biotech) profit will potentially increase 70 folds after the market of nuclei-acid tests sky-rocketed facing the spring festival travel rush.

Comment: Sansure Biotech predicted in its performance report of 2020 that its net profit for the year belonging to parent company owners will increase by 2.5 billion to 2.76 billion RMB, with a 6375% to 7008% increase from last year. Similar companies include Wuhan Zhongzhi Biotechnologies, Hangzhou Bioustar, BGI, Da An Gene, ZJ Bio-Tech, Maccura Biotechnology, Sansure Biotechnology, Wondfo Biotech, and Kingmed. What kind of background do these companies have? It will be a horrifying feast of blood. The Chinese people are exploited mercilessly, under the false pretense that this is done for their own benefit.

5. Tencent: Who controls the Hong Kong Central? Hong Kong Media: mandarin has become the official language of Hong Kong investment banks/

Comment: The CCP expedites on eliminating dialects and local culture, and intentionally triggers conflicts among Chinese who speak different languages. 

6. Twitter: The Epoch Times: Josh Hawley aims to investigate how the CCP dealt with the pandemic and asks for compensation. While President Biden put a stop to America withdrawing from the WHO, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley and Representative Elise Stefanik urged for an international investigation into the origin of the CCP virus as well as the CCP’s role in the global pandemic.

Comment: The truth of the virus and its global damage will definitely be investigated and unearthed. It does not matter who is the president of the U.S. The CCP must be eliminated. 

7. Twitter: Fox News: “Biden agrees with the Trump administration that the CCP has committed genocide”. Do you understand this? The U.S has changed its mind and the trend is irreversible regardless of the president. Someone needs to pay for the crimes of genocide. It will depend on the results of the infighting.

Comments: Fox news reported that Biden administration affirmed that the CCP committed genocide. The verdict made is irreversible. The CCP government is one step closer to hell!

8. Twitter: 500 Miles: After these two days’ broadcasts from Miles Guo and Lude, everyone should develop a deeper understanding of the ‘Swamp’, ’the United States’ and ‘the President’. Mr. Guo is collaborating with the ‘Swamp’, so you don’t have to worry about his safety. This is my understanding, as straightforward as I can be.

Comment: The cooperation between the Whistleblower Movement and the U.S. is on a higher level than the one between the CCP and the U.S.  People in the ‘Swamp’now can only choose to make communism their enemy. Don’t worry about the safety of Mr. Guo.

Information Collection: Alicia,Cathy,Near,文大石,CharlesS

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