Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Jan 28, 2021

Dictation: Tan Tan (Himalaya Italy)

Shuizhuyu (Himalaya Italy)
369 Wen Ju (Himalaya New York)
Karen (Himalaya California)

Chinese Proofreading:Gforever (Himalaya New York)

Translation: Cutecutepunk, Rosemary (G-Translators)

English Proofreading: ChinaDoll6420 (Himalaya Australia; ㊙️G-Translators)

  1. In the VOG Discord room yesterday, Sara, the Nine-Fingered-Queen, falsely claimed the CCP National Security staff no longer torture and beat detainees during interrogation and insidiously encouraged the G-supporters to surrender to that evil bureau voluntarily. Furthermore, Sara acquainted the participants with an audio record of Mr. Miles Guo, which indicates that she was promised a stake in GTV. However, she also admitted that besides the audio record, VOG has no written authorization from Saraca, the holding company of GTV, which means Sara is unentitled to collect any investment over 100,000 dollars.
  1. We merely have two questions for Sara: Firstly, from the very beginning of the Whistleblower Movement till now, have you ever contributed a penny? How many fellow fighters have actually received the masks and uniforms which you possessed so many? Secondly, have I ever taken any of your money? Why don’t you refund? Why don’t you hand over the accounts? G-supporters, you must arm yourselves with discernment. It is too scary that such a low crook has so many audiences and followers. Ridiculously, Sara’s vain hope of mothering a live-broadcasting platform makes herself a joke.
  1. Let me say that again, Sara deceived GTV! There is no legal foundation for you to represent GTV! How dare you collect the investments of multimillion bucks? Who authorized you? Not to mention you deluded the fellow G-supporters into writing wills! It is seriously dangerous and difficult to distinguish between true and false, good and bad of our fellows. The Whistleblower Movement verified a famous quote from Nietzsche, “The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”
  1. Obviously, the four political forces of America have been formed: the first one is the MAGA/Trump camp, namely the far right; the second is the military, also known as the West-Pointers who are led by Pompeo and are dedicated to destroying CCP; the third and the fourth are Republicans and Democrats. All the information will be released from February 8 to March 12 and no later than April. The four camps are all clear post January 20, only two topics of concern for  humanity: the virus and the annihilation of CCP.
  1. This morning, Dr. Yan told me CCP rumored in China that the virus was engineered in lab, CIA and Li-Meng Yan.are answerable for this. CCP is outrageously shameless!
  1. The most central sentence I uttered to Sara then is, “Only with the consent from the lawyer, you can invest.” The release of the audio record brings her much closer to prison. What the Nine-fingered-Queen did these days mirrors if our fellows can discern truth from false and good from evil! Fellow fighters, if you are devoid of EQ and IQ like this and parrot what others say without thinking, how could you get your life better, even though when the CCP is gone. 
  1. Which political camp of America could skirt around Dr. Yan? Can they find anyone else like her? Intelligence is information that is exclusive, valuable, reliable, useful, and fresh! The intelligence about the CCP Virus is possessed by no more than the Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China, Lude, and Dr. Yan! What’s the situation that the whole world is going through? 

      Should we break off with Japan for its endorsement of the CCP committed no   

      genocide? Does Mr. Trump’s failure estrange him from us? Biden mingles with  

      the CCP all along means nothing to with annihilating the CCP devil?It is too 

      absolute to judge a man or a country by mere words. Ultimately, only results and 

      facts matter.

  1. In Japan, there are many anti CCP forces. Japan will suffer for the next three or five years if the CCP is still around. It does not matter if CCP wages war on Taiwan or not, Taiwan is a huge cancer of the Sino-Japan relations. Therefore, If the CCP reseizes Taiwan, Japan would be the biggest loser. 

Meanwhile, the collateral damages would put the United States on edge as well.      

      Because it is not just a problem that affects the submarine channel and the aero 

      channel, the crucial part is the sci-tech development of the CCP! Additionally, the 

      relationships between Taiwan and the western world are intricate. If the CCP reaps 

      the benefits of that, the grave repercussions are bound to ensue. Hence, Japan is a 

      solid ally. 

      The CCP is supposed to make Europe rival with America by opening its finance 

      and market, both of whom know that after joining the WTO, the CCP exercises   

      discriminatory practices over them all the time. 

      Besides, the CCP has fulfilled nothing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Not 

      only do the Hong Kong people have to confront the traumas thereof, but the    

      interests of Europe and the civilization of the entire western world are damaged! 

      Many Russian officials contact us personally who surprisingly found that plentiful    

      CCP agents and hackers are attacking the Whistleblower Movement, the New 

      Federal State of China, and Miles Guo in Russia’s name. What a marvelous 

      advertisement! Once they learn the truth, they’ll understand what a diabolical 

      existence the CCP is!

  1. Pangu is the only building that exhibits Chinese culture. When the CCP started to mess with the Pangu dragon head, it demonstrated that the CCP is superstitious indeed. After consultations with the masters at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Book of Changes (I Ching) Association, they believe feng shui at Pangu’s dragon head has mystical magic power. This has worried CCP.

      The great buildings in the field of architecture are first religious buildings, second    

      financial buildings and third the authoritarian buildings. It is believed Pangu tops     

      the list among buildings of red school world architecture in the last century. Pangu 

      is on Beijing’s New Central Axis. The ‘Bird Nest’ National Stadium and the ‘Water 

      Cube’ National Aquatics Center are on the Old Central Axis. The two central axis 

      and the two east-west parallel lines closely linked together, along with Chang’an 

      Street; three lines forming a nine-miyat grid. 

      Pangu is at God ‘s chosen tiger location with a dragon head. Dragon and tiger  

      Compete with one another. If it is used well, it can be good for China, good for 

      the country. If otherwise, it can subvert the country and court power. Pangu is also 

      at the big dipper position in the nine-miyat grid, which guides the Gods home 

      without getting lost. This is the will of all Buddhas!

      Now the CCP is rebelling against God. They want to change the dragon’s head 

      into a bird’s head and remove the dragon beads. The CCP does not know the 

      building has a soul upon completion.  It is strong and unchangeable. It is a totem 

      with magnetic field, that is, ‘feng shui’. The wind is fixed, and water is its result. 

      So, when the CCP mess with Pangu’s dragon head, its claim of atheism is 

      hypocritical. Many people around the world pay attention to the Whistleblower    

      Movement. The day when China has Buddha’s hands and dragon’s head, China 

      will have the best political, will economic, and peaceful millennium. Since CCP 

      has mess with Buddha hands and dragon’s head, its days are numbered. 

  1. I feel great when I go live speaking to my fellow G-supporters, because you can 

      verify everything I say. In Dalian, Shenyang, Tonghua, Beijing, Hebei, the      

      consequences of lockdown were detrimental. It fully demonstrated the CCP governance is a sham. The latest is the compulsory anal examination for viral infection. CCP has gone into overdrive.     

11. From Putin to officials at all levels in Russia, think the CCP is insane. It is impossible for mankind not to face the fact where CCP virus originated. Russia wanted to get in touch with Dr. Yan li Meng, but I refused, out of concern. I have not seen Dr. Yan in person yet.

12. So long it has anything to do with me and GTV, I’m responsible to my fellow G-supporters, I’m not going to blame it on China national security and God. G-supporters must remember what I said. In the future, I might return the investments 1300-stakeholder and let them choose again. After that, I will allow market forces to determine the value the GTV through share trading. Sara and her gang are bound to go to jail. 

13. As for upcoming Lunar New Year celebration with G-Club members, please check your email for lucky draws participation:  

   For $50,000 membership, the prize is a BMW 7 Series deluxe car. 

   For $ 40,000 membership, the prize is a 5 series sports version BMW. 

   For $30,000 membership, the prize is a BMW 3Series B 3i. 

   For $20,000 membership card, the prize is another BMW.  

   For $10,000 members, the prize is the BMW i-Series Electric Car. There are other draws of silver bracelets, silver rings, silver whistles, bags and hats for all levels of membership.

14. G-supporters need to level up on discernment. I do not have any Twitter.accounts.  Every G-club member deserves benefits, and the Whistleblower Movement is about making G-supporters live a quality life. Let’s G-Club members work together to create wealth in 2021. G-Club members must enjoy world class services in 2-3 years and be able to buy the best products at the most reasonable price, to eat the safest and best meals, and to get decent treatment everywhere you visit. G-club will be a token of trade between the Whistleblower Movement and G-supporters.

15. Our beloved scientist is on a God’s chosen mission and bless with power of God. Until now, she hasn’t realized her role and is mindful of people’s commentary towards her reports. This is the reason why I do not want to meet her yet. You are a goddess and an angel in my eyes. Other scientists have said that Dr. Yan is the witness and the litigant of CCP virus. This is God’s appointed mission and power of the Whistleblower Movement. 

16. “Strong as steel when one desires not” as a Chinese proverb goes. A person who can tell you the truth, solve problems, and face reality is worth your time. I hope G-supporters of the Whistleblower Movement reflect how you are living, if you are decent, happy, wise, discerning, then only take down the CCP. Otherwise, we will be 

   taken down and destroyed by the CCP instead. G-supporters who have reached Japan, please live well. We cannot have hatred, cannot take things for granted.  No one owes us anything. When you care too much about other people’s evaluation of you, your life very become tired. Do not let others to affect your emotions and judge your life. Do respect the law, order and legal system of the society where you are in.

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