Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Jan 28, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi is going to deliver a speech to discuss the state of U.S.-China relations and prospects for the future through the platform of the National Committee on United States–China Relations (NCUSCR) on February 1, 2021.

o Beijing had wanted to send Yang to Washington to talk to Biden’s top aides but was refused.

o Now it seems all the channels for a U.S.-China dialogue have been closed, and they can only shout to the U.S. via NCUSCR’s webinar to put pressure on the Biden administration.

o The Biden administration seems very tough on Communist China up until now.

a. France 24: In multiple calls and statements, U.S. President Joe Biden and his top security officials have underscored support for allies Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines, signalling Washington’s rejection of China’s disputed territorial claims in those areas.

b. The U.S. on Wednesday updated its ban on investments in certain Chinese military companies by delaying until May the application of the directive’s restrictions on companies with names similar to those that have been blacklisted. The Biden administration is reinforcing Trump’s policy to sanction not only the Chinese companies originally on the list, but all of their related companies.

c. Beijing believed they could have relations with the U.S. to ‘return to the right track’ as Biden took office. But things that didn’t go as planned.

• President Donald Trump discussed his plans to get involved in the 2022 congressional elections with House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday.

• CCP’s running dog, WHO, said their international team in China has completed its 2-week quarantine and plans to visit hospitals, laboratories, and markets. Field visits will include the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Huanan market, Wuhan CDC laboratory. They will speak with early responders and some of the first COVID-19 patients.

o Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has provided detailed instruction to WHO for what to do with the CCP. Let us wait and see the outcomes after they finish the trip.

o Ms. Ellie teases that the WHO’s team may have completed their investigation during the quarantine. Now it’s time for them to have fun in China.

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