How has the Chinese Culture been tampered with? – Part 6

In all time and in all countries, there are basically four levels of ideology including divinity, humanity, animality and devility. You can see from the chart below, the left column demonstrates Traditional Chinese and the right column demonstrates Modern Western. The degeneration is the general trend of all mankind.

The age of our divinity is the Buddhism and the Primordial Taoism, which is about matching the Way of Universe. Later people degenerated to Confucianism, which is about matching human nature. Gradually people degenerated to animality and Shang Yang Ideology started to engage in unifying the people who could farm and fight only. Following with Dong Zhongshu who tampered with Confucianism and turned it into Pseudo-Confucianism with the divine right of the king, turning the two-way relationship into one-way relationship, which was the foundation of enslaving education.

In the western column on the right, Judaism, the oldest, then Catholicism, and Christianity, they also advocated learning from God, which is the theory of divinity, and then many people came to think that human beings are also very important, that people should not learn from God. Then the European Renaissance, the Enlightenment of thoughts, and the founding philosophy of the United States, liberty, equality, democracy, the rule of law were slowly emerging. Then came to animality, which was social Darwinism, where we could only seek material things because our origins were animals and our whole virtue and intelligence was reduced to the level of animals, and we could only pursue desire. Next is Marxism aimed to struggle, and later Lenin and Stalin put it into practice; there is a series of practice of various evil methods, and the Chinese Communist Party learned them all, including Hitler’s Nazism, Mussolini’s Fascism, and Nazi brainwashing. So the Chinese Communist Party is a combination of tyranny and cult, a mixture of eastern devil and western demon, and the concentration of the evil at all times and in all lands. Now is the period of Law extinction and our entire traditional culture has been eliminated, what is the future concept of the New Federal State of China? What we should learn is the western value of democracy and rule of law and eastern wisdom of matching the Way of Cosmos and human nature. The starting point is to change people’s mind because the rule of law alone is not enough.

These are the four stages of Chinese history. We actually don’t know too much about the history of the first and the second periods, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Now some historians believe that the Shang dynasty existed because it unearthed some bronze, and Xia dynasty was a legend. According to this theory, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were even more legendary. They believe that the Spring and Autumn Period is the great development of Chinese culture, with contention of a hundred schools of thought. These people are ridiculous and ignorant.

Author:Lily   文也

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver G-farm – 2021/01/29

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