【Anti-CCP Alliance】 A Taiwan Friend is infected with “CCP-Virus”

Author: Weilian

Translator: Janyvo

Proofreading: Lish

Image Source:The Economist

I had a chat with an old Taiwan friend of mine who has been working in mainland China since 2000, and the outcome of our conversation greatly stunned me.

We started off by discussing the current pandemic and the Hong Kong crisis; only then I realized how misguided this Taiwanese friend has been from the truth. I asked him if the KMT or DPP holds a referendum for Taiwan to be part of the Communist China, what would be his choice? He said he would vote to join the Communist China. I then asked him what if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decides to attack Taiwan and the American politicians only verbally condemn but take no real military action to help to defend Taiwan against the CCP?  He said he would just give in to the CCP, as he sees no downside for Taiwan to be part of the mainland anyway.  I was curious why he would be inclined to have a mainland passport when it does not allow you to travel freely anywhere, whilst Taiwan’s passport enables you to go to 170 countries around the world visa-free?  To that, his answer was plain and simple: “earning money is the priority”.

In his opinion, the Taiwan-style freedom is rather pathetic, and that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Taiwan today is even nastier than the CCP back then. The DPP is only using democracy and freedom to defeat its opposition, Kuomintang (KMT), but the DDP is just as corrupted and cracks down on dissenting voices. He even thinks that Taiwan’s way of governance is far worse than North Korea. For example, given the Taiwanese government is well aware of the CCP’s intention to take back Taiwan. Yet, it still deliberately promotes hostility across the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and mainland China. Upon learning his upside-down way of thinking, putting the cart before the horse, it instantly sent a shiver down my spine.

This Taiwanese friend belongs to a company’s mid-level management. He has been working and living in the mainland for more than 20 years and his mind-set is not uncommon among many Taiwanese who have been working and living in China after a long period. It is unfortunate that many people like him to date still know absolutely nothing about the ferocity and atrocity of the CCP. As a result of industrial-scale propaganda of the CCP, they all become feverish CCP’s supporters just like the CCP controlled media. His former subordinates and friends at Foxconn used to admire Taiwan, now they look down at Taiwan and are even in favor of CCP’s military takeover of Taiwan. These people have been systematically brainwashed and fed with visions and lies of the “rise of a great nation”, and the “grand reunification” like the one had achieved by Emperor Han who conquered all the kingdoms in ancient China and ultimately established Qin dynasty. This fallacy of abandoning hard-won democracy and freedom, and even disregarding the lives of 23 million Taiwanese, brought me an indescribable wave of sadness.

Perhaps it was against the backdrop of the extraordinary economic development throughout China’s coastal regions, the kind of prosperity of Shanghai to which he has already become accustomed, he considered that the development in Taiwan has been way too slow and even inferior to that of North Korea. I was certainly lost for words for a moment. When it comes to Shanghai’s rapid development, one must always understand that it was only made possible because of the sheer sacrifice made by the vast majority of Chinese people who were enslaved under the CCP’s totalitarian regime.  After chatting with this friend, I am deeply alarmed that Taiwan’s democracy is on the blink of collapse. This friend is over 50 years of age, he should really be the backbone of Taiwan, the standard-bearers for freedom, and yet he (or generation like him) regards Taiwan’s hard-earn democracy and freedom worthless, and today as the world is standing at the most critical crossroads, he is more than happy to ditch Taiwan’s democracy, independence, way of life and liberty to appease the CCP’s dictatorship and prefer to live under the communist-controlled mainland China.

In his recent live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo has emphasized that his friend in Taiwan is concerned about the CCP’s attack on Taiwan, but he believes the attack will not take place immediately. The new U.S. administration is not fully settled. The CCP will take advantage of this rare opportunity to flex its military muscle to accelerate their threats and intimidation against Taiwan. Simultaneously, the KMT who has long been colluding with the CCP will come forward to call for a national referendum. Once the voting formality commences, the ground for the CCP to take military actions against Taiwan will somehow be legalized. This will be the biggest collusion between China and the U.S. Whether Hong Kong or Taiwan, they can all be used for trade amongst political powers. Tsai Ing-wen would likely be the last democratically elected president of Taiwan. The political mistakes she naively made and her inability to handle politics threats may eventually lead to Taiwan’s fall. Nonetheless, Taiwan people still believe they are safe for being on an island. They do not understand that their lives are already in impending danger, today Taiwan’s fate is literally hanging by a thread. 

Even very earlier on, Mr. Miles Guo has warned that Hong Kong (meaning “Fragrance Port” in native Chinese) would be turned into a “Rotten Port”.   Over the past year or so, as the tragic events unfolded in Hong Kong, this has gradually become an ugly reality as the world helplessly stood by. So today we cannot help but wonder what’s beheld for Taiwan?  I believe firmly that only the Whistleblowers’ Movement and the New Federal State of China can save Taiwan, Hong Kong, and hundreds of millions of Chinese countrymen from being enslaved by the CCP!

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