Thousands of people were put under quarantine in Xi’an charged more than 400 RMB a day per person, people questioned if someone profit from pandemic

Translation: yyshere | Proofreading: CharlesS | Subtitles: Walking in the rain

On 28 December, nine people in Xi’an went to a wedding in Hebei, and because a confirmed case there was also present, these nine people became close contacts of the outbreak. The nine people have since taken Metro Line 2 after returning to Xi’an from Shijiazhuang, so all the other thousands of people who took Line 2 that day unfortunately became secondary contacts and needed to be quarantined.

Mr. Chen, who lives in Hi-Tech District, was one of the people who were quarantined. After receiving a phone call, a vehicle took Mr. Chen to a hotel in Hi-Tech District. Instead, Mr. Chen found that the hotel was in a very poor environment and the facilities were very old. The hotel isolation required Mr. Chen to charge himself for every 420 RMB a day, but Mr. Chen checked on the internet but found that the hotel was only 300 RMB on the internet. And Mr. Chen felt that with the actual condition of the hotel, the rate was at most 200 RMB. Unexpectedly, Mr Chen was not allowed to order his own room at the hotel and had to pay the RMB 420 rate. Mr Chen felt that this was too fishy and demanded that the fee be made public.

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