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On January 14, 2021 Lude Media reported that the U.S. State Department, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Homeland Security on the same day issued sanctions against Chinese Communist Party enterprises and named individuals.  Xiaomi was among many, listed as a Communist Party (CCP) military enterprise.  This legendary private enterprise and a favorite pick among investors in China is in fact CCP backed and controlled.  

We have to thank the Whistle Blower Movement and Lude Media for solving a mystery for us. Users of Xiaomi mobile phone have many complaints, such as corner of the mobile screen would crack easily, gap of the screen is big and gather dust, the battery gets too hot making the mobile uncomfortable to hold etc.  Many in China wonder how Xiaomi’s “founder” Lei Jun (雷军) became a legendary figure overnight.  He was hailed as “hard-working, low-key, serious, technical start-up, a sentimental self-entrepreneur, young people’s idols” etc. While there are other young people who have started their own businesses, encountered financial difficulties or give up due to quality issues, yet Xiaomi despite all the negative reviews, there were but praises of overcoming challenges of start-up, staying on course to the original vision, putting quality first and so on. Xiaomi also always has the funds to develop a series of related products.  Lei Jun even became an angel investor. Now there finally have an answer.

I could not help but recalling Lei Jun’s marketing campaign slogan “Are You Ok”.  It became a buzzword and a cultural phenomenon. I can imagine him only saying “Are you OK” to his military superior. In fact, under the authoritarian rule of the China Communist Party (CCP), if you are not ok, you will not be around to reap the benefits. If you are not ok, you will be under surveillances, interrogate, and shamed. If the Chinese at mainland and abroad are bold to say: “WE ARE NOT OK!”, human rights will be discussed, the truth will be seen, and consciences will be revived.   CCP authoritarian system is so eager to force the masses accept the norm, allowing a small elite group to live on the masses without rights.

On February 7 last year, the whistle-blower, Dr. Li Wenliang, died. The doctor of conscience, for a moment not ok, exposed the fact that the virus spread, was admonished, wrote a book of repentance, under great mental pressure, and finally died of the Chinese Communist Party virus. The great scientist Dr. Yu Limon didn’t say Ok, she risked her life to abandon everything and reveal the truth about the Communist Party’s CTP virus to the world.

We the Whistle Blower Revolution Movement wants to bring down the firewall, and to overthrow the wall of fear in our hearts.  The citizens of the New China Federation will never be slaves.  We loudly proclaim to the Communist dictatorship: “We are not OK (with you)”!

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The original link:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/760473/

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