The U.S. Presidential Election Is the Ultimate Battle of the World

In the beginning of the GTV livecast on January 6, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo reiterated that the U.S. presidential election would end with an absurd result as he predicted in 2019. He reminded his fellow fighters not to have a wishful thinking and hope that Pence would come out to help President Trump to win the election. He said the U.S. presidential election was not only a decisive battle for the Americans, but also a moment of life-and-death for humanity, during which the Witshleblower Movement and New Federal State of China are a key player.

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Ka-Le-Ci: Today is the day of the final showdown in the U.S. election, and our fellow fighters, especially those of our New Federal State of China (NFSC), are all very much looking forward to it. So what does Brother Seven have to share with our fellow fighters about the election today? We know you said in 2019 that the U.S. election would be very absurd, starting and ending in an absurd way. So today, Brother Seven, please share with our fellow fighters your take about today’s election. Brother Seven, please.

Mr. Guo: Thank you, Ka-Le-Ci. Thanks to all brothers-in-arms. Now I think the most important thing, in my opinion…You just said this is a decisive battle for America, but strictly speaking, it’s not America’s battle; it really is the ultimate battle of the world. Even today, we see many people around the world talking about this event, without realizing its significance, which will likely exceed what they’ve predicted and imagined.

This U.S. presidential election, the 2020 election, when everyone else is seeing it as a presidential election, only we, the Whistleblower Movement (WM) do not see it as just a U.S. presidential election. Since three years ago, when we first started whistleblowing, we have already said that 2020 will be a critical year for humanity and also a moment of life-and-death.

We also said publicly this year, I mean last year, in March 2020, that the U.S. election will end with an absurd result. What we just said is that this is not just a decisive battle of the U.S. election. This is for the world, the whole humanity to choose between darkness and light, between demise and future, through a battle of life-and-death, an ultimate battle.

So, as we sit here today, each of us is a key player in this battle of life-and-death, the ultimate battle. After our WM, the NFSC, and all our fellow fighters have paid all the prices with lives and blood, as well as the loss of freedom in the past few years, each of us today is probably more concerned than any country or nation about the outcome of this election and the outcome of this ultimate battle.

Today I believe that many people are in a wishful thinking, which is human nature after all. We all think that today, Pence will be coming out and [announce] victory, and then President Trump will win, and everything will be sorted out. We are all hoping for this kind of result, but what I want to tell you is that there will be no such result, absolutely impossible. Please do not think like this … this is because, for the past seventy years, or the past few centuries, from World War II to today, mankind has been obsessed with too many fantasies, has too many so-called beautiful hopes, and has selectively ignored challenges and the darkness. As a result, those darkness and challenges have been stalking us this whole time.

Strictly speaking, it was after World War I, to World War II, to the recent World War III, till now, for the Chines people, today is World War III. Human beings have always chosen to ignore or turn their eyes away from the problems of mankind. So I think the 2020 U.S. presidential election has officially opened World War III. It is an un-restricted warfare, information warfare, religious warfare, and involves all of the modern technology … (inaudible) … with the fate of 1.4 billion Chinese people on stake. This is because the protagonist of this ultimate battle is our 1.4 billion Chinese people.

Do we want to be slaves? Or should we continue to be the so-called the citizen of China or a citizen of the world? Or should we choose to be a citizen of our own country, which is centered around its people, with a political system which is positive, truthful, and democratic? I think today you will basically find an answer to these questions. But it’s impossible to get a result for today’s ultimate battle, absolutely impossible. But this will let us learn and see a lot, something very fierce.

From last night till now, as far as I know, in the White House and Washington D.C., nobody … one deal after another, one compromise after another, all happening right now. So, while we are standing in front of this, sitting in front of this camera, you would think this is a show. I can tell you that while you may not pay much attention, while Ka-Le-Ci and I are sitting here, while there may be others now in the other hemisphere asleep or going to sleep, after the Earth has existed for billions of years and the mankind have existed for tens of thousands years, humans are now facing a choice of life-and-death, definitely more than what meets the eyes.

Now with all the space weapons in space, all the under-water equipment and weapons under the sea, all the weapons of different countries deployed in the five oceans and the seven continents, I believe that from now on, nobody will have sound sleep in their bed. It will be impossible.

Ka-Le-Ci: That’s right.

Mr. Guo: Well, the old mongrels [of the CCP], they must also know what this means. This is such a critical moment of life-and-death for humanity, in which our WM and NFSC are a key player.

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