Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.24 – NewYork Time

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Xi increases salaries of military hugely by 40%.

Facing a possible forced abdication and undermined morale of the army, Xi increases military salaries hugely by 40%, focused mainly on young military officers and army deployed at borders, East China Sea and South China Sea.

As Lude analyzed, only those with ranks of major general or above will not retire; senior colonels can still be something like regional commanders or political commissar. But colonels will be sacrificed and demoted to assisting roles of divisions or equivalents.

So it takes backgrounds to be promoted from colonel to senior colonel. This salary rise is to buy over those colonels who are struggling for promotion, thus stabilizing the morale of the military.

Salary for colonels can be 20K RMB a month, which unbalances the existing salary system of civil servants.

During the Cultural Revolution and 3-year natural disasters when Mao was in charge, the army was supplied with priority. Later, Deng Xiaoping not only downsized the military drastically but also gave them remuneration packages rather average. Jiang Zeping then completely stopped the military from doing civil construction, leaving them no bonus. This salary rise by Xi means the return of military-first policy, which will strengthen people’s recognition of the army and encourage the young to join the war.

CCP sent 15 military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone again.

Repeated harassments with big fighter groups serve 3 purposes. Firstly, trying Taiwan’s radar system. Secondly, testing Taiwan’s responsiveness and collecting info about where their fighters take off and how they command. Thirdly, finding the weak points of how Taiwan’s military respond by repeated temptations.

Don’t take chances on any dictatorship. CCP is advancing its surprise attack tactically and steadily. If CCP takes pre-emptive strikes and controls Taiwan’s military, government and media with the U.S. having no time to aid, it will be an established fact that Taiwan will be forced to accept One Country and Two Systems.

Taking Biden’s reaffirming Three Joint Communiques, which overturns the effort of Pompeo and others, into consideration, the US will recognize it even if it is a choice that Taiwan is threatened to make, which is just what the CCP seeks.

 Cotton from the Senate Intelligence Committee makes it clear that all evidence leads to the fact that Wuhan lad is the origin of CCP virus.

CCP’s 4 sins: covering up the pandemic, mading the virus in lab, bio-weapon, unleashing virus purposefully.

The US has joined WHO again, and meanwhile WHO announced that probably the virus was from lab. This close cooperation is a result of deals and comprises, and next will promote the lab-origin theory. It is not only because huge interest will be gained by holding CCP accountable, but also because people’s will is not resistable as a result of the truth exposed by the Whistleblower movement. So, defining the virus as lab-origin is in the best interest of America, whether in politics, economy, or democracy.

Cotton did not support Trump in the election but he now stood up claiming the virus was from lab, which indicates that it was not Xi but the owners of the swamp who chose Biden successfully. Having seen what CCP has done to America, they will definitely make sure Biden will act in the interest of America and the owner of the swamp. Therefore, it is a consensus of the owners of US swamp that the virus was from lab.

Lines from LuDe:

After January 20th, the CCP is more and more aware of the power of the Wistleblower Movement and LuDe Media. The CCP found that the present situation of Sino-American relationship is managed by a certain power, which might go on to turn Biden administration to the opposite side of the CCP. Well this certain power is the Wistleblower Movement organization, whose influence would not vanish no matter who assumes office.

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