Kleptocrats Want Us to Ignore What We Can Plainly See

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“What is true arrogance? What is true power? The ability to lie to someone’s face, know that you are lying, know that they know you are lying, and get away with it anyway.” [1]

How can the “Great Reset” be a Conspiracy Theory when the World Economic Forum (WEF) has a web page detailing the entire plan; when Klaus Schwab wrote many books on his agenda[2]; when practically every politician and media platform (those that are not already being censored, de-platformed, or cancelled) is aping the exact same phrases – “Great Reset”, “Build back Better”, “The New Normal”; when there is a Great Reset Conference of the World’s “Elites” (wealthy Oligarchs, Globalists, Dictators, Communist opportunists and sympathizers and Politicians) meeting right now “virtually” in Davos, Switzerland; when no Government anywhere has put this plan truthfully to their citizens? The plan, quite simply, is to institute Global autocratic Socialism (or worse) under cover of four crises – Pandemic, Climate, Debt and Wealth Disparity.

It is the worst kept secret, the biggest ruse, the most flagrant abuse of power, the least democratic artifice (no politician anywhere has ever presented this plan honestly to a democratic vote) with potentially the biggest social and economic implications ever perpetrated on mankind. Schwab himself describes it as “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” in his book of the same name.

Unlike other revolutions this one is brought on not only by new technology and innovation, and ostensibly the CCP-virus, but by a disdain for democracy, a hatred of different opinions and working men and women, by a few Psychopathic would-be rulers of the Earth (the 1%). They seek freedom, power and private property only for them, and they are willing do anything to get it.

Why will this effort fail? Because it does not recognize the true source of the problems it ostensibly seeks to solve – the pandemic, the so-called climate crisis, global debt and economic crisis, growing wealth disparity.

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In fact the solutions that are being offered amount to literally handing the responsibility for the solution to these “crises” to those who created the problems in the first place: trans-national Institutions like the UN, the IPCC, IMF, World Bank; re-engaging with the CCP; giving more power to ruthless Oligarchs on Wall Street and Big Tech tyrants; listening to failed Establishment politicians who have been corrupted and enriched by promulgating the exact “crises” that the Davos crowd claims to want to solve. This “solution” is akin to handing the matches back to the arsonists.

The solutions of these Elites are to restrain freedom, curb Capitalism, destroy National Sovereignty and individual choice, nationalize economic activity, limit speech, increase monitoring of dissent, increase Autocracy, concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a few Oligarchs, remove political choice, ruthlessly stamp out dissent and opinions.

Politicians are doing what they do best – create a crisis that needs solving; set themselves up as the solution; make drastic social and economic changes that diminish individual freedoms, increase economic disparity between the Elites and the working class, and which centralizes more power in the hands of the Elites.

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What is the true source of the four fabricated crises? The CCP-virus pandemic has been determined to have resulted from the leakage of a “gain-of-function” experiment – most likely as a result of biological warfare research – by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from a Lab in Wuhan, China [3]. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s reports confirm it [3]. The fact that Wuhan Doctors have been taped confirming they were told to lie about the outbreak confirms it [3]. US intelligence data that shows researchers at the Wuhan Lab fell ill in the fall of 2019 with symptoms consistent with the CCP-virus confirms it [3]. The fact that the CCP shut-down Hubei province to travel inside China, but continued to allow international travel out of Wuhan proves it. The source of the virus is the CCP purposely attempting to weaken the West and opportunistically vault themselves into a dominant power position.

Just like the CCP-virus is a fabricated crisis in order to force the World to accept Autocracy, Globalism and Oligarchic rule, the “Climate Emergency” is another smoke-screen to centralize power and undemocratic decision making. Unlike what the well-paid Scientific Elites are trying to feed us, there is no “Scientific Consensus” about Climate Emergency. The so-called Consensus was fabricated and this has been detailed by multiple courageous writers [4].

The Global debt crises is real, but is caused, not by a surfeit of Capitalism and free Markets, but by Politicians’ catastrophic meddling in the free operation of free Markets. Every financial crisis in the last 50 years can be attributed to Politicians’ policies creating the crisis and Politicians’ trying to solve the crisis by printing money or engaging in Quantitative Easing – distinctly non-market operations. Each time they go through the same insane cycle the problem gets worse. The CCP has seized on this weakness and is exacerbating it in order to weaken Western economies. Markets, if left to themselves, would have corrected (painfully granted, but quickly) and expelled the excesses created by these failed Government interventions.

Wealth Disparity? Oddly, the very people who are part of the 1% – the Global autocrats and Oligarchs – are the ones trying to convince us that Wealth Disparity must be corrected by taking away more of your (the middle class’) jobs, wealth and freedoms, not, of course, their own immense wealth. “Good for thee, but not for me-ism”.

After months of denouncing critics of The Great Reset as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ much of the media and political establishment expects people to simply ignore that an entire conference on The Great Reset is taking place as you read these words. Are we supposed to pretend we don’t see this? Are we supposed to pretend that exploiting a crisis and entrenching centralized control hasn’t been the playbook of those in power over and over again?

Consider the financial crisis of 2008-2009. By the end of it, the biggest banks were far larger and far more powerful than before, while millions of regular people were wiped out. Consider the Wuhan Virus crisis and the economic crisis it caused. Big businesses are bigger and stronger than ever, while small businesses are being wiped out.” [1]

How are local politicians reacting to these crises emanating from the political elites and fanned by the CCP? Instead of defending the principles of individual rights, freedom of movement and speech rights they are channeling their worst dictatorial instincts. The CCP-virus is, no doubt, a significant health crisis. However, instead of locking down the healthy majority who are statistically extremely unlikely to suffer significant health problems, it is increasingly evident that we should be protecting the vulnerable – those over a certain age and with pre-existing health conditions. The current protocols of locking down the 100% instead of the 1% is doing incalculable damage to livelihoods, economies and mental health. Opposition to the existing protocols is rising. On January 24th a group of 13 Canadian Physicians wrote to the Premier of Ontario to oppose the Province’s draconian lockdown protocol.

They state “As physicians, we see that your Government policies are having a horrific effect on the mental and physical health on citizens….. Research clearly shows that lockdowns have not reduced COVID hospitalizations, ICU admissions or deaths in North America or Europe. In fact, lockdowns have increased life-years lost by 1000%…. Imprisoning the young to protect the frail was never a part of any country’s original pandemic plan”.…. Forcing citizens to sacrifice their businesses, their activities of daily life and their physical and mental well-being in order to protect the healthcare system from being overloaded is misguided… There is no scientific or medical basis for lockdowns.”

At the center of the spider’s web of crises sits the opportunistic and ruthless CCP, both conspiring with the Elites that we are foolishly relying on for the solutions to these crises, and at the same time ready to take advantage of the disaster that those solutions are causing.

“The Western world was built upon individual freedom and decentralized power, a respect for self-determination and individual choice. If we go down the road of The Great Reset and centralized control, if we surrender our decision making to unaccountable elites, we will lose the engine of creativity, prosperity, and freedom that we cherish. That would certainly be a ‘reset,’ but it would be anything but great. [1]

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