Where Are 46,000 Residents of the Locked City Tonghua in Just A Few Days?

Translator: Yexing
Proofreader: Ana

It is known that the Covid-19 virus breaks out in the northern China. For example in Tonghua, inconceivably, almost half of the city apartment doors were sealed with tapes in one night, forbidding residents going out.

The official media People.cn of the Chinese communist regime reported that until 24 o’clock on 16th January 2021, 407,891 residents in the downtown area of Tonghua were sampled of the Nucleic acid amplification testing for the first round.

The same media announced on another day, in total 361,648 samplings were gathered for the second round to the midnight of 21st January.

After five days People.cn declared that for the third round samples of 361,927 residents were collected till the end of 26th January.

One question now. Compared to the first round testing number, 46,000 residents were not sampled for the next two rounds. Why?

All the samples occurred within ten days in a locked city. Under the control of the local government regime, it is nearly impossible for residents to leave away from the city. A reasonable explanation is that these 46,000 people were confirmed to be positive. It is unnecessary to test them in the next rounds. It should be pointed out that so far there are officially 279 confirmed cases in Tonghua as the third article above announced. So obviously the government is lying.

Anyway, this is just a tiny part hidden by the communist regime regarding the Covid-19 virus.


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