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The New CCP Anti-Corruption Campaign Shall be a Great Purge in CCP

Xi Jinping still hasn’t shown up.

CCP launched a nationwide anti-corruption campaign which is like the Cultural Revolution Upgraded.

This campaign, lead by Xi in person, is all the party covered, under the title of Discipline the Party Strictly, is purposed to purge the counterforces both in the government and the military, which shows Xi’s distrust on anybody and his effort to avoid the formation of a union that is against him.

The Great Era of Eliminating CCP with CCP has Begun

Biden didn’t overturn the accusation of crimes against humanity against CCP. All the other political groups intends to take Xi down and make him the scapegoat, and Xi, desperately, is behaving more crazily and is retaliating greatly, which is intensifying the in-party conflicts and would finally end the CCP with themselves.

The Change of Xi’s Role

In the last wave of anti-corruption campaign, Xi had just taken office, people hated Jiang Zemin and his followers. Wang Qishan was the person in charge of executing, and Xi’s role was mediator, all the political groups came to him for help. Whereas now, his role has become a dictator, added with Biden’s not fulfilling his will, he has come to be on the opposite side with all the other political groups.

Accusation of CCP of Crime Against Humanity came to full Effect

All the other countries and organizations will follow up America on the accusation, including the Jews, who had ever formed good relations with CCP for Chinese people’s kindness towards the Jews. They will also turn because they hate such a crime like poison.

The Significance of Biden’s Support for Trump to Keep the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

Biden’s recognition of this shows his approval of Trump administration’s foreign policy, and further shows that it is somewhat impossible that he would change the policy towards CCP and China, on which we can see that the American governments are concordant towards outside.

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