【Opinion】Media Propaganda and Brainwashing

Author: Qi Cai Guang
Translator: Lish
Proofreading: Christine

Image source: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/

The reason for today’s topic is that individual and group consciousness determines the behavior and consequences of individuals and groups. Today, people worldwide are in World War III, but there is no wide concern and discussion of the truth of the CCP virus, thanks to the CCP’s powerful media propaganda and brainwashing. As Mr. Guo Wengui said, “The most powerful weapon of the Chinese Communist Party is not a nuclear bomb, not the virus, but propaganda!” And as Mr. Guo summarized in the January 20 video, “Our biggest mistake is the imbalance between the two legs and the slow development of the G series.” The development of the G series naturally encompassed GTV and Gnews, meaning that the power of media propaganda was severely lacking.

The power of media propaganda is crucial and influence our society in many different ways. For example, as Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty “dismissed a hundred schools and revered only Confucianism,” Confucianism gradually became the ruling ideology of the feudal dynasties and ruled ancient Chinese history for 2000 years. There is also the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism on the thoughts and words of more than a billion people in India. In addition, the influence of the New or Old Testament of the Bible on continental Europe, America, and the Middle East has over thousands of years of history. Also, there are the brainwashing and indoctrination campaigns of the Soviet Union, Chinese Communism, Japanese militarism, etc., against the general public in the last hundred years.

 Moreover, modern social media propagating related content under the banner of science, such as the atheism preached by CCP and the worldwide call for compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement in the name of protecting the planet for all humanity. The World Health Organization (WHO), which boasts that it is for all humankind’s health, covers up and stands up for the CCP’s misdeeds. All of this illustrates the critical role that the media plays in the process of human development.

The power of media is all about instilling a relevant understanding and way of thinking through the internet, television, or books. Both revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries, atheists and theists, are objectively instilling relevant knowledge or a certain degree of brainwashing.

The word brainwash is translated from the Chinese word. In the 1950s, American soldiers who were captured by the Chinese Communist Party during the Korean War were subjected to the CCP’s ideological reformation. They supported the CCP after returned to the United States. Then, American journalist Edward Hunter used the word “brainwash” to describe the incident.

In 2020, Mr. Guo Wengui asked Bannon, a media master, for advice on how to succeed, and Mr. Bannon responded with “Wash, Repeat, and Point.”  The three words mean to indoctrinate important points repeatedly. But the most important feature of brainwashing compared to general media propaganda is that it eliminates the spirit of independent thinking, does not allow the brainwashed audience to access the truth and interpret the truth, and concentrates the power of interpretation on a specific group or individual.

So, we see that during the Whistleblowers’ movement and the U.S. presidential election, Mr. Guo has built GTV and Gnews with the belief that “only the truth will prevail. Mr.Guo, Lude, and doctors are almost broadcasting every day to build the power of media influence. Mr. Bannon’s Warroom follows the quintessential principles of media propaganda in its daily work of spreading the truth.

From a spiritual point of view, eighty to ninety percent of the world’s people are already floating in a tertiary world similar to Earth for hundreds and thousands of lives. They are choosing to evolve their souls according to the current situation and the opportunities of history. The Whistleblowers’ movement initiated and led and called on more and more people to join this once-in-a-millennium historical movement. The kind of media content that one is exposed to will change one’s perception; the type of world conflicts that one involves and one’s own difficulties or opportunities will adjust and change one’s thinking patterns. Finally, it will determine the next level we will enter according to one’s everyday spirituality. To make a not very appropriate analogy, but to illustrate the point: it is like graduating from junior high school and choosing to go to different schools for further advancement according to each person’s score.

Therefore, the effect of Media propaganda has two sides. The key is whether you use the right ways and means to promote. The practice of indoctrinating the public with false content and building firewalls to shield people from the truth is a mean used by organizations and individuals who follow the path of serving their own evolution. We call it brainwashing. For example, the CCP’s Great Firewall or Twitter and Facebook blocked accounts that disclose the truth.

On the contrary, as a group and individuals who follow the path of evolution in service to others, we will open our minds and horizons to teach and spread the truth by thinking positively and negatively and discerning between truthful and false information. This truth is not only the fact but also the reality of the way of thinking. Only then will more and more of the key majority (1-2% of the 7.5 billion people born from the higher levels of the world) be able to join the Whistleblowers’ movement and further guide and lead more people to join this worldwide movement to end the CCP regime.

On the road to extinguishing the CCP, the Whistleblowers’ movement not only objectively undertake the role of opening the wisdom of the world’s people, but also physically practices the spirit of “freedom of faith” of the New Federation State of China in the future, and upholding the way of faith of “All Buddhas and All Gods” to build a better human society.

The Whistleblowers’ movement must occupy a pole of the world in the field of media propaganda to be able to take up the mantle of history. I appreciate the persistence and dedication of our fellow fighters.

(The content of the article represents the views of the author only)

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