01/28/2021 The Life Situation in the Walled Country Under the Epidemic

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CCP’s propaganda show: 6 years old volunteer at the mass nucleic acid test scene.

CCP’s propaganda and community organizations let a 6 years old child be the volunteer in the Mass Nucleic acid test scene to show their hypocritical public opinion guidance. Put a kid in the high-risk environment for what purpose? Did anyone think of the kid of the possibility of getting infected? The most reasonable answer is: His parents have lost their ability of judgement through CCP’s long term brainwash.

The current state of Huanan Seafood Market. Is the W.H.O. to inspect the demolition site

Recently, a citizen of Wuhan took pictures of the current situation of the South China Seafood wet Market. The interior of the wet market was demolished in early March last year and disinfected many times. The WHO’s investigation in the Communist China is just a show colluded with the CCP, and the South China Seafood  wet Market may be just a fake first scene.

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