Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Jan 21, 2021

Dictation: Snow (Himalaya Korea)
369 Wen Ju (Himalaya New York)
Bei Jiu Jian Nong (Himalaya UK)
Chinese Proofreading: GForever

Translation: ThomasH (Himalaya UK)
Proofreading: Bluesky (Himalaya UK)

Published by: Meilen, Isaiah4031

00:15:00 My realization these two days: before the 18th National Congress when Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan came to power, the most influential people in the Chinese business community at that time, Ma Yun, Xiao Jianhua, Wang Jianlin, Xu Jiayin, Ye Jianming, Ren Zhiqiang, and Pan Shiyi were all related to HNA. Because I challenged Wang Qishan and Liu Zhihua prior to that, people looked at me as if I was a ghost – they thought that I was finished as Wang Qishan wanted to persecute me. They also presumed that I was a colleague of Ling Jihua, and that I was the most dangerous person in terms of subverting the CCP state power. The battle was life and death every second at the time.

00:27:00 My plan for more than 20 years was instantly sabotaged by Ling Jihua’s son’s car accident in his Ferrari. After Xi and Wang came to power, I acquired equities in the Founder Group and Haitong Securities. In just two years, I raised RMB 60 billion for the funds and family and was involved in the merger and acquisition of financial securities valued at RMB 300 billion. When you have a clear enemy and a sense of crisis, it is crucial to know how to turn the crisis into opportunities. This is not bragging. It requires actions, and I did it.

00:30:00 In 2003 or 2004, Yan Bing told me that I was finished. The Beijing Municipal Government had made various plans to persecute me, and that Liu Zhihua wanted me dead. Pangu was the first project in China where a ‘child’ was forced back to the womb and reborn again. This is something Wengui is quite proud of. Wang Qishan and Liu Zhihua originally wanted to have a ‘Clean Olympics,’ but because of Miles Guo and Pangu, they changed the project name to the ‘Green Olympics’. Those who did not experience the back and forth, pride, danger, and ups and downs will never understand what it’s like.

00:32:00 I only learned yesterday that Henan Yuda International Trade Co., Ltd. was listed for auction on JD.com due to Lude media’s reports on the Teletubby (Xi Jinping). Yuda International has spent more than RMB 200 million on furniture alone. From 1995 to 1996, it spent RMB 2.6 billion (RMB 3.6 billion yuan) in interest. Meanwhile, it also had a cash investment of nearly RMB 800 million in cash. Despite that, the 160,000-square-meter Yuda International was listed on JD for only RMB 1.2 billion. After 30 years, when the Chinese real estate price has increased by 50 times, the auction price is only 80% of its original cost. Nevertheless, I believe that Yuda will eventually return to my hands again; it belongs to us.

00:36:00 When Pangu was robbed and returned, people from the central, local, and various provincial authorities lined up to see me, knowing that Miles received the support of Hu Jintao, Ling Jihua, Wu Guanzheng, and others. Following that, Pangu was built within a year, followed by the Olympics. At that time, even cars with the Olympic permits could not get in, but I had many special license plates that could. Xi Jinping used to go to Pangu two or three times a week. In a mere few hundred days, I experienced such peaks and the ups and downs of life.

00:38:00 Year 2003 to 2006/2008 was the most glorious time of my life. 2012 was a significant turning point in my life, and a major challenge and setback in my career. Wang Qishan came to power. I know that the possibility of peaceful internal evolution in China is diminished.

00:39:00 Xi Jinping hates the Communist Party more than anyone else. He is full of Mao’s thoughts, and he wants revenge. He will never delegate the power or give the people democracy. He believes that the Chinese people must be raised like pigs and dogs, not to mention Wang Qishan, who thinks that ordinary people could eat grass for 3 years for all he cares. The moment when the two of them came to power, China was finished.

00:40:00 I was then hunted down in Hong Kong. Every floor in the Bank of China (Hong Kong) building cost tens of millions of dollars alone to decorate, and they are all left there. There is also a house worth nearly 700 million USD, at least dozens of other houses worth tens of millions, and hundreds of luxury vehicles left behind. More than 100 billion in cash in Hong Kong’s account is sealed there.

00:41:00 From 2003 to 2006, I participated in the political battles and negotiations with the highest-level members of the CCP, and essentially enjoyed the privileges of a member of the Standing Committee. I won nearly all of the best projects in the financial industry, and Peking University gave me a tenured professorship and vice presidentship. Then from 2012 to 2014, I received threats that were billions of times greater than even the current ones.

00:42:00 Only I, Miles Guo, dare to say I didn’t take out a dollar from mainland China, didn’t commit a single crime, didn’t do anything illegal, and didn’t steal a cent of tax. In the end, CCP convicted me of a made-up “forced trading crime” and issued a fine of 13 billion U.S. dollars, which is the most absurd thing in humanity.

00:44:00 I started the whistleblower movement from around the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017. Everyone has seen the threatening, killing, luring, and the stories of Liu Yanping, Sun Lijun, Wu Zheng, and Ma Yun. The threatening and luring were to a ridiculous extent. Red wanted notice, blue wanted notice, even black notice was issued; the Hong Kong government changed all of the laws to persecute me; (the CCP) also bought all the bigwigs around Trump, who asked President Trump to extradite me. How many people were sent to assassinate me outside my home in New York? Not mentioning the threats and protests that were executed by CCP’s silent power – arresting my employees and seizing funds – I am the world-recognized number one enemy of CCP.

00:46:00 From 2017 to 2020, we created the whistleblower movement and established the New Federal State of China; identified (the CCP) as the world’s largest mob group and criminal organization; exposed CCP’s anti-humanity and genocide crimes; exposed the truth about the CCP virus; separated the Chinese people from CCP; and turned CCP into a public enemy of humanity. In just over 1,000 days, the whistleblower movement accomplished more than what people could imagine, let alone attempt to do, in the past 70 years. For that, we are very proud.

00:48:00 I am grateful for the blessing from the gods, as I’ve been living on the edge my whole life. The danger I am facing nowadays is certainly not as great as I did from 2003 to 2020. I have never felt as strong as I do today. What happened on January 20 is definitely a major setback for our revolution. It created a lot of uncertainty and challenge on the takedown-the-CCP movement. In the Biden hard drive incident, we went a little too far and a little too rushed. It was beneficial commercially for GTV and GNEWS, but wrong politically.

00:49:00 The CCP sent highly-trained spies to infiltrate the Whistleblower Movement. We failed to stop them from spreading misinformation and deviating from our actual narrative on Twitter (English contents), causing many fellow fighters to be lured away by false information. The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China will not force anyone to join. We don’t owe anyone in terms of our efforts to take down the CCP. The unseen warriors who anonymously and selflessly sacrifice are the best of us.

00:53:00 Lude media and the Ph.D. Corp has contributed massively to our cause. Those who condemn Lude now, why don’t you try and create a report that is as explosive and crucial as the 119 incident? The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China give no promises. Therefore, there is no such thing as fulfillment.

00:55:00 There are only two main forces behind what happened on January 20 – social media and money. The ultimate battle this time is against social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, as well as bosses of the space companies. The CCP is both behind them and behind money. Our biggest mistake this time was that our social media forces were under-developed. The G series grew too slowly and too late, and there was no balance between our effort to take down the CCP and our financial power. The CCP believes that their strongest weapon is not nuclear weapons but social media, followed by financial, economic, and technological power. We have done a great job in the G series, where our fellow fighters can fully participate and share the benefits. We need to build them up more rapidly and more efficiently.

1:00:00 My history is the best answer for you. What do we do when big events like this occur? Firstly, I will spend these few billion dollars on G-Series. Our main goal in 2021 is to develop G-Series. We must obtain an absolute voice on social media, and we cannot let social media giants like Facebook and Twitter monopolize in the future. Secondly, the best solution to fear is to build up your ability not to care about life or death. Once you figure out that I am the biggest winner, the Whistleblower Movement is the biggest winner, and the New Federal State of China is the biggest winner.

1:12:00 January 20 is the biggest opportunity that God brought us; it will most definitely unite all of our true fellow fighters. We must keep a low profile and be practical in 2021, develop and expand G-Series, unite all Himalaya farms together, and distinguish between the real and the fake bothers-in-arms. After January 20, we will make the G-Series bigger, so that with the shortest amount of time, more fellow fighters will have the cash to spend and currency to exchange, and that we can attain a voice on social media around the world. Solidifying and strengthening our national defense as a country are the musts for the New Federal State of China.

1:16:00 We will achieve this year what Facebook did 3 or 4 years ago, and by the end of next year achieve what Facebook achieved in 7 years. Getter will reach 80% of its full capability by the end of this year and 100% by next year. G-News should achieve 70-80% of New York Times’ functionality by the end of this year. We aim to obtain a customer base that includes 40-50% Europeans and Northern Americans. G-Bank will definitely be launched too.

1:18:00 The CCP now wants to engage in a psychological war with us, but they don’t know me at all. It is way beneath me. Nobody in Zhongnanhai is my worthy opponent. I spent three years successfully exposing what the CCP truly is to the rest of the world – an illegal political regime that committed massacres and genocides. I also revealed to the world that it was the CCP that opened Pandora’s box of the COVID-19 virus, which threats the entire humanity. Look at where the CCP is at after three years; what would happen if I have another three years? I have one good news: the virus will slowly go away in the next few months, and the release of new virus strains will be delayed. This is good news for the entire humanity.

1:22:00 I don’t need any comforting, and I will definitely thrive in the face of disasters. After a short adjustment that took 24 hours, I immediately discovered my next goal – to actively develop G series to benefit all our fellow fighters, to strengthen our social media platform which helps building up the national defense power for the New Federal State of China, and to enhance the unity between the Whistleblower Movement and the western society. More importantly, I will show you what kind of relationship I can build with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the Democrats.

1:24:00 From now onwards, we will beat the hell out of anti-Whistleblower organizations. We have so many cards to play. We can broadcast the truth about the CCP virus as much as possible because we are holding the Aces. The defeat of January 20 will only make us stronger; it will reshape the direction and focus of the New Federal State of China. We will build a comprehensive anti-CCP alliance with the U.S. Democrats and the Biden administration. Let me emphasize again that please do not carry out personal attacks on this legally recognized U.S. government, as well as their families. Taking down the CCP is not only a requirement for us, but also what justice calls for. We must remember that whoever colludes with the CCP is our enemy and whoever stands with us to take down the CCP is our friend. I have initiated a comprehensive battle plan; and I will be more secretive this year and will only reveal each step once it’s done. We are in the greatest era: The New Federal State of China and the whistleblower movement forged by the united force from the countless fellow fighters. It is a force of justice and the last hope for humanity. We are the protagonists of this ultimate battle between good and evil. Action! CCP, your reign is over! CCP, your time is done!

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