Why Hong Kongers are leaving Hong Kong?

Since the anti-ccp (a.k.a. pro-democracy) movement in June 2019, more and more Hong Kongers have chosen to immigrate.  Concurrently, Hong Kongers are beginning to consider how to retain the spirit of Hong Kong.

According to a poll conducted by 2019 Chinese University of Hong Kong, as many as 42% of the Hong Kong people have plans to immigrate.  This is the highest level of immigration interest in recent years.  

Immigration firm AIMS Group data showed that between June and August 2019, about 7,000 people have requested for immigration information, a seven to eight-fold increase over the same period last year.  The number of applications for immigration increased ten-fold from the same period last year, with about 100 applicants applying for immigration each month.  

According to an article, the owner of the Causeway Bay Bookstore in Hong Kong, Mr Lyn Rongji said Hong Kong and Hong Konger are two different concepts. The defining factor is not the locality but the people who live there.  The social environment of Hong Kong today is no different from cities in Mainland China that is devoid of freedom of speech and human rights. The Hong Kong government can accuse anyone of breaking the law without evidence and send him/her back to mainland China to be charged and sentenced.  What is there left of this place that will attract people to stay, when anyone is at risk of being prosecuted without reasons?

The author, too, agrees that the spirit of Hong Kong lies in the Hong Kongers.  If 100,000 Hong Kongers are to immigrate to a certain place, then there will be a small Hong Kong living circle, with Hong Kong Cantonese language spoken, and Hong Kong cuisine, living habits and values retained and passed on to future generations. Hong Kongers are smart and entrepreneurial, have a higher level of education (at minimum a secondary education level), good English and can be integrated into any English-speaking society easily.  In addition, Hong Konger are hard workers who are happy to work overtime, working the longest hours in the world.  Hong Kongers also have a sense of citizenship and the mindset of the rule of law.

Hong Konger Xiao Ruyuan immigrated to Taiwan with his wife in February this year. In June, he formally established the Hong Kong Society in Taiwan with the main aim of organizing regular parties and courses for Hong Kongers in Taiwan, so that they are able to integrate into the Taiwan society.  If the spirit of Hong Kongers people can be preserved, it is equivalent to the revival of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people are like the seeds of a dandelion.  Wherever the seeds land, the plant will propagate.  

Mr Miles Guo mentioned in the live broadcast that in the future without CCP, Hong Kong will be more aromatic than ever before (Note:  literal translation of Hong Kong means “aromatic habour”).  Long live the spirit of Hong Kong!

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