Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Jan 27, 2021

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1. Yesterday’s broadcast was one of my best. The camera was not adjusted properly, so I looked tired. Thank you for your concerns. I handed my chat history with the GTV investors to the U.S. government. Not only did I feel touched, they were too. Americans are not fools. Only several people, threatened by the CCP, out of 68,000 contacts and 1,300 shareholders made false claims against GTV, which made it very clear who is telling the truth.  This fact exposed CCP’s  dark operations behind the scenes, and proved once again that GTV and the Whistleblower Movement (WM) are the platforms to exterminate the CCP.

2. The cowardice and ignorance of the Chinese have enabled this rogue regime to rule China for so many years. If you try to deal with the CCP on a level playing field, you will find that they are all low-life gangsters. Some of the brothers-in-arms (BIAs) who were threatened by the CCP in China, already arrived in other countries safely.  They immediately applied for political asylum.  These BIAs have wisdom and courage, and are worthy of our admiration. Our BIAs must keep the evidence of the threats made by the CCP.  It is true that we have BIAs everywhere, even at the customs.  They deliberately give our BIAs green light when they pass through the customs.  Over time, we will see more changes.

3.  When you look at GTV, you have to look at it from the perspective of  the current most successful social media companies in the world. How much money and time did YouTube spend on R&D before it was launched? When it first started, it didn’t even achieve one percent of what GTV achieved at the beginning. YouTube had run a trial version for 3 years, and  there were innumerable bugs. In comparison, GTV only spent eight months and about $20 million.  Not a penny of the $20 million came from the BIAs’ investment. Now let us look at WhatsApp and WeChat:  How many people did they hire and how much money did they spend in their nascent phase? [Some of BIAs seemed to be disheartened by GTV’s performance, and always tried to give advice to Mr. Guo] BIAs, don’t be arrogant and don’t take yourself too seriously.

4. Out of the five vices (Greed, anger, failure to distinguish right from wrong, arrogance, and doubt), arrogance is worse than greed. Once you are arrogant, you will take your time, money and ability too seriously. The results of arrogance are failure and death. I demand that GTV meets the highest standard of the universe. I have to be responsible for investors, BIAs and the Whistleblower Movement. You must absolutely respect and appreciate these GTV engineers. Technically, comparing GTV and Parler is like comparing a super battleship and a toy car.

5. Someone claimed that GTV did not seize the opportunity of this U.S. election. I was quite angry. We bet on this election with the future of the Whistleblower Movement, and the lives of BIAs. The biggest beneficiary is GTV and its investors, with the number of followers rising from a few million to more than 100 million. This is a legend acknowledged by Western media and modern network economy, culture and technology.

6. GTV’s institutional investors came from the Middle East, Europe, Japan, the UK and many other regions, owning 86% of the shares. These people are the most grateful for and cared the most about the development of GTV. GTV has grown miraculously in technology and business operations in the past 6-8 months. There is no comparison in the world. GTV now has over 100 engineers working 24 hours a day, at a scale that is 13 times of WhatsApp and 10 times of Youtube when they were at the same stage. Yale University valued GTV at $2.6 billion when it was offered in a private placement last April. What’s it worth now? Getter, G-News are independent companies.

7. I want the 1,300 private equity investors of the GTV to have one more chance to choose whether to take their money back or continue to invest it. If the NYSE sanctions the financing, I hope to shut down the GTV in the U.S. and move it to another country. The result should come out soon.

8.   VOG registered a new company and planned to continue the fraud in the name of God. Anyone who wired money to VOG should contact the Himalaya Alliances. We’ll ask relevant government agencies to intervene as soon as possible. Sara and her accomplices plan to take 50% of our BIAs investment money. And they continue to encourage people to write wills. Our BIAs should have the courage to step up and cooperate with the Himalaya Alliances to take your money back. I will take full responsibility, but you should cooperate fully. VOG has personal information of our BIAs which led to the arrest of many of them. Any friends who were threatened by the police because of VOG should send the evidence to the respective Himalaya Farm. We will hand the information over to the U.S. government.

9.  The CCP’s nightmare has begun. Pompeo will regroup the Republican Party. He has won the support of almost all conservatives. On behalf of justice, the US Republican Party will take down the CCP. This battle won’t begin in four years; it’s starting right now. The Democrats also understand that only if they exterminate the CCP can they govern in this term and be re-elected for the next term. Otherwise, they have no future. The Democrats and Republicans have now both started their campaign to take down the CCP.  They are most eager to cooperate with Miles Guo and the New Federal State of China. Everything has begun! CCP, you are done!

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3 months ago

I stay positive that The takedown of the Democrats is still in play soon?
With Trump in office for another 4 years + his son next or daughter, this could mean that Trump’s name would be in power for the next 12 years… The sooner the better because taking down the CCP will be a difficult task but accomplishable in the end with Trump in power and MG Whistleblower movement. Exposing the truth will set the world and America free And The 1.4 Billion Chinese people… and destroy the traitors and jail the cowards!