Katyusha News Reference – Monday, January 25, 2021

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin

I.The New Federal State of China News

1.On January 25, the Japanese media reports that in order to avoid the infiltration of the Japanese scientificcommunity by the Chinese Communist Party’s “The Thousand Talents Recruitment Program,” the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) has requested that for the fiscal year 2021, those who apply to the government for research funding be obliged to declare the foreign funding they have received.

2.Indian media reported clashes between the Chinese Communist Party and Indian soldiers in theNaku La area in north Sikkim. 20 PLA and 4 Indian soldiers were injured, but the situation is currently under control. The report mentioned that at the time of the incident, the PLA patrol tried to cross the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Sikkim, and was forced back by Indian soldiers. 

3.The USS Theodore aircraft carrier strike group enters the South China Sea on Saturday to promote “freedom of the seas”, the US Indo-Pacific Command says. A U.S. Air Force (USAF) U-2 reconnaissance aircraft flew through the airspace east of Taiwan on Monday for surveillance missions in the South China Sea, which was only 22.55 nautical miles from Taiwan’s coastline. “The United States frequently sends aircraft and vessels into the South China Sea to flex its muscles, is not conducive to peace and stability in the region,” the foreign ministry spokesman told reporters.

4.Before that, some banks in Guangzhou and Shenzhen region, have their lending quota limited and home mortgage loans are suspended. This has now happened in the Yangtze River Delta region. A number of banks headquarter and branches in Shanghai, the mortgage quota is being restricted in the first month of the year. Even some large banks also stop lending in January. 

5.Ted Hui Chi-fung, a former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, says that he has given detailed testimony to the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Foreign Affairs on the freezing of his HSBC account. And the CEO of HSBC, Noel Quinn, and the chief compliance officer of the bank, Collin Bell, set to appear before the UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee to answer the query on January 26

II.World News

1.The United States human rights organization The Global Liberty Alliance publishes a joint letter from 15 Cuban Catholic priests on January 24th who spoke out against the regime’s abuses, urging democracy and freedom for their country, “I Have Seen the Affliction of My People” (Document). The letter calls on the Cuban people to participate in the bondage, urges rise against communism, because ” fundamental option to live in truth and freedom reveals our real power as citizens.”

2.President Biden announces the executive order (document) of “buying American goods” on January 25 to ensure that the future of the United States is made by all American workers. Executive Order fills the loopholes in the U.S. Federal Government’s “Buy U.S. Goods” Policy. The Biden administration’s move blocks attempts by CCP companies to enter the U.S. government’s procurement list after the CCP believes that the Biden administration will support its claim when itcomes to power.

3.Israel announces this week that it has opened an embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) four months after the signing of the historic normalization agreement between Arab and Israel facilitated by the Trump administration. On the same day, the UAE approves the opening of the embassy in Tel Aviv. The UAE is the first of four Arab countries that normalizes Israel’s diplomatic relations under the Abraham Agreement, follows by Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

4.An organization calling itself the “MAGA Patriot Party” is officially established in Texas, USA. The Federal Election Commission publishes the organizational notice of the party’s National Committee on January 25. It is not clear whether the organization has links with Trump or any of his family members or core members.

5.House impeachment officials presented Trump’s impeachment case to the Senate on January 25. This initiates the proceedings in the Senate, which is composed of 100 senators

6.The world record of how many artificial satellites can be carried into space by a single rocket in a single time was set again. In Florida, 143 satellites of different shapes and sizes were launched in SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets and entered the predetermined orbit. The unit price of a satellite launch has also been reduced to $1 million, paving the way for subsequent commercial activities around space satellites.

7.On January 25, President Biden officially resumed travel restrictions on non-U.S. tourists from Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and 26 other European countries that are allowed to travel across open borders. The decision is part of the new government’s plan to fight the CCP virus epidemic. The total number of deaths due to the epidemic in the United States has approached 420,000.

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