Lude Daily Briefing Evening Edition 2021.01.22 – NewYork Time

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The Era of Eliminating CCP with CCP Has Began

January 20, the balance between the vested interests groups of CCP was broken. Although many promises of Trump administration were not kept, the pressure caused by their activities is already enough to cause CCP’s radical changes. Nobody in China history has ever formed a relationship up to this level with American government that members of our wistleblower movement fight side by side with the President’s nearest people. Before this date, the anti-Xi people tried to promote the union of wistleblower movement with America, as means to protect themselves, whereas as Biden assumed office, the balance was broken, Xi will soon launch a great purge, an enhanced version, in the name of anti-corruption. These people are very aware that they would be finished if they don’t take actions right now. So now, we have come to a new era of eliminating CCP with CCP.

BBC Reported CCP’s Genocide

BBC reported genocide in Xinjiang today, the United Nations Human Rights Council is likely to propose an unprecedented resolution on CCP’s atrocities in Xinjiang. This resolution has been passed by NATO. As long as the Human Rights Council confirms CCP of crime of genocide, a worldwide wave of eliminating CCP will begin.

Xi Jinping Use Stand-in Due to His Poor Health

Xi Jinping has prepared at least two stand-ins since 2013, who are 99.9% similar to him. The obvious difference lies in the eye contact and hairline. In all reports about Xi by CCP media in this stage, it is always the anchor that relay what Xi said, or only Xi’s photo posted, whereas we tell you that XI HIMSELF WILL SHOW UP NO MORE.

On January 19th and 20th the World was Thoroughly Changed

On January 19, the CCP was defined of genocide and crime against humanity and Xi’s name was in the document. This document by Pompeo means that all the CCP’s overseas assets can be legally seized for compensation. All lawyers in the United States can use this document to prosecute the CCP on cases such as by Fa Lun Gong practicers.

With Biden assuming office, Xi Jinping has reached the peak of his power. Relying on the United States definition of the CCP of genocide and crimes against humanity, Xi Jinping can use his relationship with the Biden administration to seize all the assets of other CCP families.  All anti-Xi people are extremely dangerous. In order to save their assets and lives, all major families in the CCP must immediately eliminate Xi and let him be the scapegoat.

The Ultimate Battle Has Officially Begun

It is said that the United States has participated in the CCP battle, because Xi promised to give them all the assets of other families. Now all the bigshots in CCP have no route of retreat, whoever loses will take responsibility of genocide and crimes against humanity, also their overseas assets will be expropriated which means that all their power will vanish.

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