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 Pompeo officially announced the countdown to the 2024 presidential election

  Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially announced the countdown to the 2024 presidential election on Twitter.  This means that Mr. Pompeo officially announced his participation in the 2024 presidential election.  Mike Pompeo was Director of the CIA upfront Trump appointed him as Secretary of State, one of more than 10 potential Republican candidates in 2024.  Pompeo will then implement a series of operations, that is, need funding and team members be supported.  Pompeo is young and vigorous, Good reputation and praises along with him when he was in the position.  At the time of President Trump hesitated, he directly insisted on defining the CCP as “genocide” and crimes against humanity.  His brilliant achievements have laid a solid foundation for becoming a new generation of president.

 The significance of Pompeo announces for president of 2024

     Pompeo officially announced the 2024 presidential election with deep significance. Maybe it was not a correct time come out too early to raise the banner, but at this moment we need to consolidate and stabilize the hearts of the Republicans, not to be a “Negative Nancy” to announce their own political program, on the contrary, he directly set the goal of 2024 presidential elections.  It directly expresses anti-communist political propositions. The CCP’s endless attacks on Pompeo are equivalent to sending him ammunition.  because the more sanctions, the more his political capital increases, and the greater the confidence of the 2024 campaign.  At the same time, this banner has also played a supervisory role in the Biden administration. Biden’s anti-communist omissions are an entry point for Pompeo in the future.

 Respect the rules

 The greatness of the United States lies in respecting the rules and wipe out CCP relay on the system rather than temporary passion.  The United States respects the Constitution, which grants Congress affirmation and allows the Supreme Court to make judgments.  They abide by the rules of the game, stick to the bottom line, and will never break the most important bottom line when in position.  This is one of the ecological rules, and everyone’s recognition is the rule.  If the rules cannot be changed, then increase your strength, and then change it after obtaining it.  There are no right or wrong rules, and Trump has negotiated compromises when he came to power.  Pompeo just dared to fight to the end with the CCP. This requires not only the ability to throw bricks, but also the strength and determination. The key is to dare to throw it out.  It makes no sense bricks prepared but can’t throw cause collusion.  Pompeo finally achieved a perfect definition of the CCP this time, and no one can overthrow it.  He abides by the Washington rules, not only to destroy the CCP but also to take care of all the interests of all parties.  Not only must there be public opinion but also the elite politicians. Politicians seek a balance and cannot be kidnapped by the elite or public opinion.  Despite the turmoil in the United States this time, it was able to make a smooth transition. There was no court struggle. Everything was done in accordance with legal procedures. This is the rule of the United States.

 Develop a new battlefield

   No one should underestimate the power of the comrades of the Whistle-blower movement. The US election is the ultimate battle of the CCP, not our ultimate battle. Our goal is to wipe out CCP. We will continue to move forward. The battlefield of the general election is over, and we will open a new battlefield and continue to fight.  No matter who is the president, we have the final option on this battlefield of extermination of the CCP. They will follow in line.  We must not only have public opinion, but also take care of Washington’s rules.  The previous series of battlefields were opened by us, such as disconnection and trade wars. The CCP was also involved and led by us.  We are only amateur players, and the CCP is a professional player. The CCP loses once they lose all, and one time we win, we win all.

CCP retaliates against 28 U.S. personnel with sanctions

   The People’s Daily of the CCP published an editorial by a commentator of “The Sound of the Bell”. The sound of the bell alludes to the voice of Zhongnanhai and actually represents the meaning of Xi Jinping. It continues to clamor and rise to the level of defending the national interests of the CCP to talk about sanctions including Pompeo and other 28 Americans personnel.  Although this matter has passed and is still being criticized. It is definitely not just a literary effort. The CCP must definitely mobilize various forces to retaliate against these 28 people in various ways, including lawsuits.  This is a good thing. These 28 people are the backbone of the United States. They are not only individuals, but also the forces behind them that support them. They will all be closer to our Whistle-Blowers’ Movement.  At the same time, this also gives incumbent Democratic officials a warning that sanctions on outgoing senior officials will not have a threatening effect but will backfire.  More Democrats will be firm in their determination to destroy CCP, therefore they also truly realize that wipe out CCP is the need for justice.  The sanctions this time are yet another faint solution by Xi Jinping. Just got the latest news that Xi Baozi’s brain surgery was successful for the first time, but he may do more operations.

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