How has the Chinese Culture been tampered with? – Part 5

The period of Law extinction is the elimination of Dharma as well as traditional culture. It has been 71 years since the Chinese Communist Party usurped the power in 1949. In terms of politics, it is an unprecedented gathering of all the evils of all time and all over the world. It is extremely evil to run a country by mafia-like and falsehood government, and to engage in high-tech modern slavery. It is a combination of cult and tyranny, which is unparalleled in the history of China. In terms of culture, the Chinese tradition was completely destroyed and replaced by the Marxist-Leninist cult, and Mao Zedong would stand condemned through the ages.

Through the previous analysis, we can understand which period of Chinese people are we referring to? During the Dharma period, Chinese people were connected with Gods and had supernatural powers. “Investiture of the Gods” is the story that corresponds to that period. Many Chinese people in the period of Law close to Dharma were also spiritual practitioners who had great wisdom too. But during the period of Law remote from Dharma, Chinese people were not that outstanding any more. This period lasted for 2,700 years and in this long period of time, the Chinese people were classified by different phases into Qin and Han dynasties, Sui and Tang dynasties, Tang and Song dynasties, Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty.

What do many of us understand about Chinese people? It’s the Chinese of the late Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty, with more than 300 years of rule, broke the bones of the entire Chinese nation, turning them into minions, slaves and beasts. Fortunately, there are still some remnant of traditional culture, but it has decayed to the minor details and this is why a so-called new cultural movement has emerged. People do not see the merits of traditional culture and they mistakenly condemn the hypocrisy of the ancient Chinese people who did one thing and said another, that was late Qing dynasty, which cannot be used to refer to China and all the Chinese people. And now it is built on the foundation of the late Qing Dynasty, the Chinese Communist Party has mixed in the evil parts of the West.

To be continued!


Author:Lily   文也

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver G-farm – 2021/01/27

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